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Haven’t had the ol’ CVR out in awhile.


Sammy's old thread...


– Twangmeisternyc

Twang said in that older thread

"If you have a smash and crash technique it is mud soup out of the box."

Hmm... maybe that's my problem. I indeed have a very SRV/Jonny Lang playing style, when playing planks, which is what my gigging amp is for: teles, mostly. I'm not doing hollowbody fingerpicking, and I don't play "politely". Hmm. Food for thought.

I also tried a 5751 in V1, as well as a 5751, and AT7, in the PI.... no joy. This amp is what it is, for better or worse. Too loud for home use, and while it IS loud enough for gigs, I don't like the dirt I get out of it at those volumes. Truth be told, I was hoping to get something like Tab Benoit's grit out of it (his Category 5's are clones of his vintage Super Reverb and Twin Reverb)... but I can't get this tone out of the CVR... it's too ratty/farty..... perhaps that's a speaker break-in issue? IDK, but I'm just tired of "trying to make stuff work" instead of it "just WORKING"... (for me)

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