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Haven’t had the ol’ CVR out in awhile.


I was thinking the same thing when I woke this morning. If all the mods were done that cap should be disconnected. It is located tucked in behind the Bright Channel pots if I remember correctly...not on the main board.


Here are the details Mr. Christopher: it is on the daughter board:

There is a 47pf cap across the volume pot of the Bright channel. This is what makes the Bright channel Bright. This is the same set up as the Deluxe Reverb. I feel that the amp is too bright with this cap. If you share my opinion simply remove C11. It is on the Bright channel daughter board.


A couple of Cannabis Rex 10's on the way...


Came home with a CVR yesterday -- only went out to buy a tuner!

While in the store I was curious to try a Boss Katana, which I did. Very clever and all that, but just not my thing, although I liked the light weight.

The CVR was hiding in the secondhand department so I had to have a go using a 5420. I don't play in a loud band so break up starting at about 4 is no problem. And I like the modest reverb -- I don't do surf drip, and anyway I have an outboard reverb pedal if needed. Speakers are Jensen P10Rs. I have a pair of 10-inch Eminence legends handy but I'll give the amp a couple of gigs before changing anything.


Ha! I wonder how much money in total ever was spent on those occasions when you just wanted to buy a tuner or some picks and come home with something... "a little bigger". I'm sure the industry lives through this.

Play it in good health, Dave!


Another joins the Club...Ha!

I spent yesterday morning putting the C15N baffle back in...had been a decade since I bought the MojoTone extension cabinet which I need now for another purpose.

That C15N sounds freakin' great, and I am convinced it likes that smaller open back space compared to the slightly larger Mojo Cab. It was a tight fit getting it in, ... transformer interference. I'll just switch back and forth between baffles when I want the pair of P10Rs.

My .010uF caps are on their way....when I get my procrastination to a minimum I'll take the chassis out and lower the Bass control mid-point.

I even enjoyed the Bright Channel yesterday afternoon with the 6120...figuring "Sugar the Road" by 10 Years After!


Does a Ceramic 15" make for a VibroVerb vibe?

No, it just sounds wonderful...


Hmm, a 15. Sitting somewhere around the place there's a cab with an Eminence Big Ben in it. Maybe a little experimentation this weekend.

Sascha: yes, music shops do present a sort of occupational hazard. But I did get the tuner as well -- a Korg Pitchblack.


"CVR is 4".

I'm wondering if there are numerous variations of this amp — mine says 2 ohms min.


Here's the front.


That is correct... if you jack in another extension cabinet @ 4 ohms you will be at 2 ohms minimum.

I do it all the time pairing the 2-10s and my 15...

The 2-10s are 8 ohm each in parallel making 4 ohms.


The unit I saw recently from circa 2016 had minor changes in purchased parts since my circa 2007 unit was manufactured.

What info do you have regarding SN or Date of Manufacture?


So, if your Big Ben is 8 ohms it will be an issue at higher power levels...if 16 ohms even at lower power levels.

Download the Manuals from the Fender Support site...


Fender always makes the impedance/extension cabinet labeling so confusing....

If you want to put in your Big Ben (replace the 2 stock speakers with a new baffle), ideally it should be 4 ohms- they don't make a 4ohm Big Ben.

An 8 ohm Big Ben would be ok, not ideal, and especially as you get louder. Twang is right on that. There is a danger of damaging the output transformer with flyback voltage.


Points taken — I'll probably leave the speakers alone. They do sound pretty good to me.

I'm a bit confused by the serial numbering. Looking at the back panel, the standard Fender serial number plate on the far right is blank except for a large 'W' scrawled on it. Over on the left, just to the left of the power and standby switches, is the legend "Custom Vibrolux Type CSR 8 Serial Number". Under this is a white label with the serial number AB 028801. Is this something for the European market?


AB 028801 can be figured out...I'll look it up. It is the production Datecode.

EDIT: Had to call Fender, found my notes from years ago. The current 3rd party online systems are dated. Fender has 3 databases, none online at the moment...

Your production date is July 22, 2009

Mine is May 17, 2006...


Twangmeisternyc: thanks so much for doing that -- much appreciated.


The serial numbers on these amps are not accurate for finding date of manufacture.

there should be a label inside with the date stamped on it. Here's mine: March 18, 2013


Amateurs sometimes fumble their way into designs that sound kind of cool, even though they don't really understand why. The British have been particularily successful in this respect. Occasionally, it happens on this side of the pond too.


Does the "why" matter if you like it? Whatever happened to "sounds good, IS good"?


Well, I've owned the CVR a little while now...

I installed a bias adjust pot, to make it easy to set the bias with new tubes.

I put in ALL new tubes, including an NOS tube rectifier. New tubes didn't do much for the noise, and I didn't expect them to. They also didn't do much for the tone (it didn't change much). Adjusting the bias (warming it up) also didn't change the tone or headroom much. Interesting.

I put 2 Cannabis Rex 10s in it, and didn't like them at all. I love the hemp cones in blackface circuits, but the CVR is more of a brownface thing- more mids- especially on the Normal channel, which I prefer. I put the Jensens back in, and preferred them (altho I can't stand the farty bass; if I were keeping the amp, I'd likely upgrade to Eminence 1028's.)

I haven't been able to gig or even rehearse it with the band, but it's just not grabbing me. And I don't want to spend too much money or time getting something "right" anymore... part of that is age, I just want stuff that WORKS. My Supersonic 22 just WORKS (so much so, I'm going to buy a Supersonic 60 for louder band gigs).

I REALLY wanted the CVR to be a good, dirty, blues amp- like no pedals required for a cool dirty blues tone- but it's just not doing that for ME. I have read it's a love/hate thing with the CVR, and I don't love it. But I also don't hate it... it takes pedals pretty well, and I COULD use it for louder gigs if I needed to, but I'd prefer a louder Supersonic.

This "review" isn't a criticism of the amp, just a report that I don't think it's what I'm looking for (or what I was hoping it would be), so it's probably going to go, to finance a 60W Supersonic, which I already know I like.

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