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Has anyone built a cowboy cabinet w/Fender pro Junior amp?


I have been lurking for a Fender Woody (they were made in 2006) with is a basically a pro junior in a sweet 1946 repro cabinet.

Then I though maybe someone on the GDP may have built a cowboy cabinet for a pro jr, or possibly would build one for me.

Any feedback would be welcome (no pun intended)




You could have a PJ cab built to look like anything you want.


Powdog shoot me an email if you would be interested in building me one..My PM on the GDP works well.



It would probably be cheaper, and sound better, to have someone build you a Champ inside a custom cabinet, rather than buy a Pro Jr and build a new cab for it.


Pro Jr's really don't sound all that bad Otter! I'm pretty snobby when it comes to amps, and the Pro Jr is my favorite "not from the classic years" Fender. I'd love for someone to blueprint the circuit and start building them better - they don't travel well. But for my ears, they sound pretty good. It's also much louder than a champ - twin EL84 fixed bias amp.


I agree. If you have the money I would say get something similar to a pro jr hand wired and throw it in a custom cabinet. I like the pro jr but I dont like the build quality, especially those plastic tube sockets. It always just seems a little weird to spend more money on a cabinet than the amp itself. On the other hand if trying to keep cost down pro jrs are pretty cheap and you can turn around and sell the empty cabinet and you would have the chasis for next to nothin. Good Luck


Pardon my ignorance Walter. I thought they were Champs.

Still I think the point remains that you could build a hand-wired version (of whatever circuit) in a custom cab for the same $ or not much more than buying a Pro Jr and a custom cab.

Of course, if Fred already owns the amp, then my point is moot.

Almost makes me wish I had bought that dusty Pro Jr sitting in my local music shop when I was a teenager. I didn't know they packed such a punch!


True - unless you get a second hand Pro Jr in good shape, you can't build one for that money - maybe if you're handy and do the work yourself, but you can't have one built for that.

I've recorded with Pro Jr's a bunch, have plenty of friends who like them too.


It was Walters input/recommendation that sold me on the Pro Jr. He posted a cool video of himself playing through a fender woody jr with his guild. It was great.

For what I'm doing (at home) its all I want. I scored one pretty cheap on ebay recently.

I have a real 59' champ which is a cool classic and all--but I want something bit brighter and a lot cheaper. If the Jr is better sounding for my ears I'll sell the champ and I'll still end up with a little jingle after the pro jr is completed.

I'm having Powdog make me a custom cabinet--which I'll share later on this winter when its done.

Thank for the responses.

And yes the Pro Jr is not a champ--different circuit and 10" speaker.



Same basic platform as a minimalist Vox AC15 or a Marshall 1974x 18 watt (or any 2 x EL84 derivative). IMHO the stock cab is just dead. 3/4" particle board with a particle board baffle. Lots of opinions on this. Mine is that a larger pine box really opens the PJ up.


The stock cab on the woody is a little bigger and better than the regular Pro Jr cabs (I got a good deal on mine second hand, wouldn't pay what they go for new), but yes, I'm sure it would sound a lot better in a better, bigger cab. If/when I can afford it some day I might have mine re-housed in a 2X10 cab.

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