Other Amps



Just for sh!ts and giggles. Can anyone hazard a guess?


It's a little home-made guitar amp with one 12AX7 and one EL-84. I'll need a sharper picture to be more specific.


My guess would be Champ, but the 4th electrolytic isn't where it would be on the typical layout.


Billy! Billy! Someone would be very oh so disappointed if my soldering....... well let's just say there is not globs for it to be confused with my work.


Before it disappears from the pages the deLisle King Baby is a cool lil amp. I have a thing for gutshot photos.


Ok so I'm looking at this layout and I can see it's got solid state rectification. No rectifier tube and those two orange wires go to a pair of diodes. One power tube and one preamp tube.....But that's a lot of tone stack control for just one preamp tube to deal with. A Champ would have just tone knob at most. Most had just the volume control without even the tone knob. I'm guessing this amp stays pretty clean?

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