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Good very low wattage amp for White Falcon


Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen!


I’ve heard really good things about that VHT. Thinking about it someday as a harp amp. I’ve been playing a lot the past week ever since I got my Supro Tremoverb, which it sounds like that’s too loud for you.


Dumble or Super Reverb, depending on the size of your bedroom.


I think the OPs criteria were clear. 1. Good 2. Very low wattage 3. Not too loud 4. Good for recording

Seems that could make for a pretty short list of recommendations.


I still actively miss my 15P.

– Strummerson

I still make them


5w and an attenuator. Sort of.


I still make them

– mugsy

The shipping and customs would kill me.


Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I was actually looking at the Vox 4-watt AC4 too. I love Vox tone. But like you said, it might not get clean enough. Would really like to get this one but way too pricey for a 5 watt amp. Supro is highly rated.


Supro 1605R Reverb 5W 1x8 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

– bones4fido

Others have mentioned this amp which I've listed for sale in Garage Sale. If you're looking for low wattage Vox tone this could be the answer for you. A Top Hat Prince Royale with EF86 preamp, EL84 output, 4 watts with an 8" speaker. Here's a link to the listing:

Prince Royale

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