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Good very low wattage amp for White Falcon



VHT Special 6 6W 1x10 Hand-Wired Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Was checking this out. Wondering if it would do the job. Good reviews. No reverb but that's okay. I've heard good things about VHT


Does your Falcon have filters or dynas'? Whatever, that doesn't matter, I vote Fender Princeton 65 ReIssue.


TV Jones pickups. I've played it through an original '65 Princeton Reverb, and while it sounded great it was still too loud for what I need. I couldn't turn it down far enough and still sound good


More clean or more overdriven tones? If overdriven, how much? Or just on the edge? Are you looking for a fat rich clean tone, or a leaner meaner tone? Do you try to use the volume control on your guitar to clean up a dirty amp?

And when you turned the Princeton down to where you needed it, what was lacking in the tone? Bottom? Sparkle? A bit of drive?


Didn't have a lot of time experimenting with that amp. I'm looking for something that's sensitive to finger picking and pick attack. Something you can dig into but cleans up with softer attack


best thing I ever heard a falcon thru with t.v. classics was a old tweed champ. just amazing

– fauves

Best thing I ever heard a falcon through were the first two New York Dolls records lol, but they were Baldwin falcons


Don't know if you're more into an American/Fender or Brit/Vox basic tone - and if American, if you're more about tweed or blackface. Either way it will be a challenge to get convincing tube breakup and a nice clean tone from a factory tube amp at 4-watt volume.

For actual Fender branding, you're in the Champ neighborhood. There have been many versions through the years, including the classic 60s models Don Birchett showed - as well as higher-powered Champs, solid-state hybrids, and artist and reissue models. The 2007 VibroChamp XD - 5 tube watts with digital effects - might be worth hearing if you can get near one.

I don't know the VHT you link to. It looks like a good feature set - if it delivers in satisfying tone.

Of mass market (or non-boutique) manufacturers, I was reasonably impressed with the versatility of the Egnater Tweaker: combines American and Brit (and blended) tones, lots of tweakability (of course). But it's 15 watts - though with its master volume, you can dial that down. When I played through one, I thought it was better at Brit than American tones; not quite the bottom end I like from clean Fenders.

Then lots of boutique guys do low-watt amps intended to do just what it sounds like you want. Gretsch Pages sponsor Jer DeLisle ([DeLisle Amps link])(http://www.delisleguitar.com/shop/amps/) does exceptional work, and is happy to talk to you about your needs, then customize an amp to suit. His 5-watt Nickel Box is an exceptional tone machine - with a 12" speaker (which for me is part of a satisfying clean tone). At 749.00, it's not far out of your range.

The amp that's most impressed me recently with its touch sensitivity is the Vox AC10 a couple guys have mentioned. Of course it sounds very Voxy - but the attractive part to me is its smooth transition from cleaned up to Vox-crunchy, with just the volume knob on the guitar. But it's 10 watts - and I don't think its little brother, the 4-watt AC4, is quite as pleasing for a clean tone. But it might be worth looking up some demos.

And I know you say tubes - but solid state and modeling have come a long way since they couldn't possibly be mistaken for tubes, especially in their dynamic sensitivity.

In particular, no one has anything negative to say about Quilter stuff; it's well worth a look. Besides their full-on amps, they have several mini (VERY mini) heads, which can drive your choice of cabinets. (Our member Powdog makes exceptional cabinets to suit any need.)

Tech21 is also worth a mention; their Trademark solid-state amps have a convincingly tubey character.

Alas, they're all more than 5 watts - but I mention them because their master volume controls let you get ANY tone at room volume.

For very low volume recording (as in inaudible to anyone but me), I've gone to modeling rigs - which may not be your thing. But I've been able to tweak them to feel (to me) as dynamically responsive as amps - though you have to separate your hearing from the pure physical sensations of a cranked live amp. In any case, once recorded, it's hard to tell what was real and what was modeled.

Also, you get direct recording interface with endless varieties of amp models, cab models, and modeled microphone type and placement. Does it feel real? Well, it's easy to make headphones feel as loud as a cranked amp, and then the dynamics get real. And, as I say, the recorded tone is all it needs to be.


Here's everything we know about what bones4fido, the original poster, is looking for:

Good very low wattage amp for White Falcon [thread title]
Looking for something that's not too loud. Maybe good for recording.

Call me silly, but I persist in maintaining that our recommendations are wild shots in the dark until and unless we can quantify what he means by "not too loud," and what his TONE preferences are.

A Standel, an Executive (which, you well know, gets much louder than you expect for 22 watts) - even a Fender TWIN, fergawdsake, will sound crystalline clean at low volume. Arguably suitable for recording clean tones - but again, subject to what he means by "not too loud." I invite you to set your Exec at the lowest volume at which you get the full, pleasing tone you prefer. Then point a dB meter at it (there are smartphone apps for that) and see what you come up with.

I was just using the Deluxe Reverb (also a 22-watt amp) to test some cables I'm building (you know, plug it in and tap the other end). I noticed the channel doesn't even come ON till near 2 - and by 3 the thumps were loud enough to bring my wife charging in from three rooms away to see what was wrong.

Again, until we know what bones4fido classifies as "not too loud" we're shooting in the dark.

ANDDDD...what if he likes a little hair around his tone, a mild rock & roll or rockabilly tone. The Deluxe Reverb gets to 4 or 5 before that even shows up - and we know by then it's loud enough for D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

God forbid you get an Exec loud enough to break up. It's a glorious tone, but it like near raises the dead. You run yours at 3 or 4? So could I, when my wife was out of town.

Dude, that's loud. I bet you're at 80 dB there - just under the threshold of hearing damage with long exposure. Really - put a meter on it. My references tell me a living room with TV might clock in at 60 dB, conversation at 70, a busy residential street at 80.

I mean, I like 85-90 dB, and that's where I'll gravitate if no one stops me. But they stop me.

And the Standel...breakup? Need I go on?

And if bones4fido's preferred tone (or just a tone he occasionally assays) is full overdriven crunchy saturation (and many's the White Falcon which has been used for just such tones), even 10 watts is too much. Four or five watts, cranked, will still make watching TV in the next room a trial.

I guess most of us kinda figger he wants something in the 2-10 watt range - so he can get a variety of these tones at sub-gig volume. And, of course, our bias is for tube amps - which most of us (me included) think have to at least hit a certain point on the dial before they generate their most pleasing tone (clean or dirty).

But we could be completely off-base. Depending on what the feller actually needs, we might be smarter recommending solid state or modeling amps, from which he can get any tone, at volumes down to conversational. And - since he mentions recording - something with cab simulation on a direct out could be a good bet.

Cain't help it, it just kinda tickles me. Fella comes in, lays out the barest bones of a open-ended question - and like Pavlov's dog, we all just bark out our favorite amps.

Don't think I'm picking on you, Dave. I'm just bemusedly observing all of us. Must be human nature...or just the behavior of whatever subset of humanity we represent.

It's like a psychology experiment: go into an internet forum, ask a vague question, sit back and watch. Our man bones registered on Dec 6th, and has posted ONCE on the GDP. His 19 words have now generated 43 posts in response!

That's efficiency there.

– Proteus

No worries Tim! I agree with a lot of what you say, especially regarding jumping in along with others, with suggestions not having heard back from the OP on his tone and other requirements.

I still don't think the Exec is too loud for in-the-house playing but here's something I hadn't thought of. As folks know, I play solo fingerstyle, not lead or rhythm guitar in a band. The difference in volume levels coming out of the Exec [or any amp really] playing fingerstyle using a thumbpick and my fingernails is about 50% less than if I was using a flat pick! For playing out I need amplification, acoustic or electric so it's evident that playing style is a big factor in choosing an amp. If you're playing loud rock in a band and want to rehears at home, a 5 watt amp is probably the right choice as you won't blow a wall down even at full volume! If a flatpicker plyed my Exec at my settings, it would be very loud!


Yessir, I understand.

And bones4fido has reappeared with more information about his needs. Now our recommendations can hone in better.


Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I was actually looking at the Vox 4-watt AC4 too. I love Vox tone. But like you said, it might not get clean enough. Would really like to get this one but way too pricey for a 5 watt amp. Supro is highly rated.


Supro 1605R Reverb 5W 1x8 Tube Guitar Combo Amp


I stand by my response that build your own Champ is always the answer, but as an alternative I'll throw out silverface Musicmaster Bass. Enough juice to get just a reasonable amount of practical clean volume, but easy enough to push into dirty territory. I'm not really a Fender adherent (much more Vox inclined), but when I stumbled into one of these, I found it to be a shockingly fun amp for what it is. And they can be had cheap.


Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I was actually looking at the Vox 4-watt AC4 too. I love Vox tone. But like you said, it might not get clean enough. Would really like to get this one but way too pricey for a 5 watt amp. Supro is highly rated.


Supro 1605R Reverb 5W 1x8 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

– bones4fido

May still want to try out the AC10C1VS.

More clean Vox than the AC4, very touch/pick sensitive, nice sounding reverb, and right under $500.


That sounds interesting. Is there a master volume on that? Digital reverb I suppose in that price range.


JD is right. The AC10 is the most exciting combo amp I've seen in ages. It's like a good AC30 Top Boost - but at humane volume levels. MUCH better-sounding than the AC15 which depressed me a few years ago.

Sure it's 10 watts - and a room-filling 10 watts. But master volume means you can get its smooth transition from Vox-chimey clean to saturated Queen at any volume you want.

I think it looks killer too.

On the OTHER hand, if you want some small cheap and stupidly fun Voxy entertainment, I've been having a blast with a Hotone Nano Legacy series British Invasion. 5 watts, fits in a lunchbox, master volume, captures Vox vibe from clean to max, headphone out, effects loop, 3-band eq, and auto-senses speaker impedance. Around 100.00 new, less than that gently used.

You'd need a speaker cab, though.

Second video HERE has the gall to compare it side-by-side with an AC-30.

It's not a replacement for the AC10, but at under a bill, it's like a party favor.


Definitely considering the Vox AC10. The master volume would make all the difference! Thanks for the reference. I think this would really do the trick.



That's the "standard" version of the AC10C1. Brown grill cloth and standard speaker.

The one I bought is the latest version, with black grill cloth and different tolex. More importantly, it's got the "V" Celestion speaker in it. $35.00 more for the AC10C1VS.

I'm pleased and it's just a kick to play.


What color?

– Proteus

Black tolex, black grill cloth, and black knobs + Black Phoenix . lol

Bought mine at Sweetwater ( free shipping and no sales tax)

This little amp is everything that amp connoisseurs hate, but it has the Vox tone in spades.


Here's my other little amp. It's a modified Vibro Champ with OS pine cab, 12" speaker, and oversized OT.

It has brown tolex, wheat grill cloth, and a brown face plate.

Great little amp with killer trem. Everything on paper says that this should kill the Vox in every way.

However, I prefer the VOX AC10 tone with my Gretsches most of the time.

Go figure.


I'll throw in a second on the Hotone Nano series. I got the Purple Wind which simulates a '59 Marshall Plexi sound very well. Extremely affordable and tiny, but at 5 watts it packs a punch. Cleans up rather well, but of course this model wants to be gritty. There are several models in the Hotone group which boast clean thru dirty sounds. I was impressed on the Protean recommendation... bought it used for $60 bucks.


Members Tavo, Powdog, and DeLisle all make some excellent amps as well.


Jer DeLisle makes a 5 watt "Nickel Box". He would customize it to your preferences.


The Vox AC4 is really a challenge to get a clean tone out of. The Vox AC10 is everything that Proteus says it is and very affordable. If you don't want to spend the money on a DeLisle Nickelbox, which IMO, is the ultimate 5 watter (never played a Swart, but they get a lot of love but are also $$$) the AC10 would be a great option. With regards to VHT, the Special 6 Ultra (which has a bigger cab w/ a 12" speaker) might be another good option and again, very affordable.

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