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Good news for Thomas Vox dudes


Well after a few mentions on the main Vox FB section with people raving about GC deals on the Chinese Vox scene, The Thomas Vox scholars and acdemics split off and have their own FB section

Thomas Organ Vox Amp & Other Gear

I helped lead the charge. It's still a work in progress tho and not quite looking as it may later or having some wording changed.

So if you are really interested in the tweaky minutiae of the scene, like was the Essex Bass truly louder than the Kensington Bass, or did some very late model Cambridge Reverbs have the built in fuzz (a rumor), or how long was the Beatle Power Stak actually made this is the place to hang.


Want some pics of an original dual keyboard Vox Continental that I bought near Heathrow about 10 years ago that now resides in a nice guitar room in Atlanta, GA?

Even I sound like Alan Price when I play that thing!


Yes, a Super Continental.

O.K. How do I get the pics to you? Where are you located anyway? You might want to play the beast!


Fantastic! I just sent in my request to join. I do know of at least one Cambridge Reverb with fuzz, but that's because I installed it. ;)


Although I am not the admin, I pretty much had the idea and the guy jumped on it


As much as I'd like to check out that, but I don't do FB. The GDP and G-T are much social interaction as I do online. VOX Continentals and Jaguars were some of the best combo organs available in the '60s. I had a Super Beatle amp, but alas, only a Farfisa---the Calliope from Hell. Look at the "Combo Organ Heaven" website for a lot of vintage keyboard info. Also, look at Heathkit's connections to Thomas Organ.


Not sure if Heath had anything to to w/ other Thomas home organs,but there were some Heath Vox Jaguar organs, but no Continentals I am aware of.


Heath had Thomas spinet organ kits. They also had guitar amp its---Dad and I finished a few for other guys---that seemed to spec out like a Thomas Vox.


I heard on good authority that there may be a Super Beatle with cab, footswitch, and all the hardware available at the Philly guitar show in a few weeks. I have one so not on the market myself.


If anyone sees a decent tube Pathfinder there, do get in touch or get the dealer's name ..thanks.

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