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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if Gomez amps are still in production? I seem to remember seeing something on the website that they ceased production? I just checked recently and it looks like they are back in business? The G-Reverb looks pretty interesting does anyone on the Gretsch Pages use this amp?


UD (Uncle Don)


Hmmm. Just checked out Dario's website and it sounds like he might be back in business this September.

I'd send him an email for the latest information.

As a well satisfied Gomez El Sonido and G-Spring owner I'm happy to hear DG may give it another go. His stuff was absolutely first rate!



Thanks, I keep hoping I might see one at the at the Philly guitar show but I haven't seen one yet? The reviews are very good, I'll send an email and see what' up?


UD (Uncle Don)


Hey UD, I will be open for a few orders in September. I'm moving what inventory I have left and once moved I will be working in a custom shop capacity rather than the large production scale I have done in the past.

 I estimated I can continue the business but only at manageable work levels (a few products at a time rather than the 15-30 like in the past) and low overhead.

 With regard to the Gverb, it will remain discontinued.

Dario G. Gomez



May I ask why the G-Reverb is discontinued? I read some really good stuff on the this amp and the low wattage is what I'm looking for?

Thanks UD (Uncle Don)



There are several reasons professionally and personally why building the Gverb isn't an option moving forward.

Thanks for the interest.



It looks ike all their stuff is being discontinued to me. Now is the time to buy. Unless you are really sold on 15 inch speakers I would stay away from the Greverb. So few makers are using 15 inchers and it is just not a sound most of us are comfortable with.


No doubt the the website is unclear on the subject. However Dario posted less than a month ago that he's going to be working on a smaller production scale than before. Best bet would be to email him about availability of a particular amp.

Granted there aren't a lot of guitar amps with 15 inch speakers but it's quite a stretch to say most of us are uncomfortable with them. The Standel 25L15 and Fender Twin Custom 15 have a number of supporters here on the GDP.


I missed that post from Dario until just now, I would say now is a good time to buy for anyone looking to invest in Gomez as they are a little cheaper now. Dario what amp is the canyon reverb on the site?

I dunno what it is about 15's that just don't jive with me. I tried one of those twins with the 15 and it just was not there for me. It just seems like with a 15 they are big, builky, heavy and there are so many good 12's out there and you can get heavy 12's with great bass. I really like the elmocambo DVD with Stevie Ray Vaughn and he was using a vibro with a Super and it seemed to me thay even out the sound. Also, old Stevie used thick strings- probably needed a nice big speaker.

What is the advantage with a 15 incher? Thanks



It has been a LONG time since I've heard a 15 inch speaker. That was from back in the day, the amp being a bandmate's Fender Showman which sounded huge :). But so did my Twin Reverb.

GDPers Richard Hudson and senojnad have several amps with 15s and can better explain their appeal.


The Canyon Reverb name wasn't feasible and a new one has replaced it. The new amp will be officially released before XMas. All details will be held until then but it's a pretty cool amp. It will be limited to only 8 for sale. This amp reflects the transition into the custom shop avenue for me.

The rest of my product line is still being phased out. When they are gone (inventory to zero) then the website will show that they are officially discontinued. A new website will be established at that time.

Thanks. Dario


Wow, beautiful.


What amp circuit is the Tahitian Reverb-Amp based on? Thanks


T85, It's a unique design. Not much more I can say but it is a very BF-ish timbre with drive.

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