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FS: 5129 w/Titanium Compton Bridge


It looks ike all their stuff is being discontinued to me. Now is the time to buy. Unless you are really sold on 15 inch speakers I would stay away from the Greverb. So few makers are using 15 inchers and it is just not a sound most of us are comfortable with.


No doubt the the website is unclear on the subject. However Dario posted less than a month ago that he's going to be working on a smaller production scale than before. Best bet would be to email him about availability of a particular amp.

Granted there aren't a lot of guitar amps with 15 inch speakers but it's quite a stretch to say most of us are uncomfortable with them. The Standel 25L15 and Fender Twin Custom 15 have a number of supporters here on the GDP.


I missed that post from Dario until just now, I would say now is a good time to buy for anyone looking to invest in Gomez as they are a little cheaper now. Dario what amp is the canyon reverb on the site?

I dunno what it is about 15's that just don't jive with me. I tried one of those twins with the 15 and it just was not there for me. It just seems like with a 15 they are big, builky, heavy and there are so many good 12's out there and you can get heavy 12's with great bass. I really like the elmocambo DVD with Stevie Ray Vaughn and he was using a vibro with a Super and it seemed to me thay even out the sound. Also, old Stevie used thick strings- probably needed a nice big speaker.

What is the advantage with a 15 incher? Thanks



It has been a LONG time since I've heard a 15 inch speaker. That was from back in the day, the amp being a bandmate's Fender Showman which sounded huge :). But so did my Twin Reverb.

GDPers Richard Hudson and senojnad have several amps with 15s and can better explain their appeal.

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