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Gibson adds Mesa/Boogie to their stable….


Wow, I just saw this post come up on my phone.


Says Curly:

”At Gibson we are all about leveraging our iconic past and leaning into the innovative future, a quest that started over 100 years ago with our founder Orville Gibson," says James ‘'JC' Curleigh, President & CEO of Gibson Brands.

When words like “all about,” leveraging,” “iconic,” and “leaning into” come together in a single cliche-riddled sentence, it fairly curdles the soul.

That’s even before “innovative future” harrows the spirit by invoking ghosts we’d hoped were exorcised of the company’s futuristic innovations under its previous czar.

As NuGibson pared back to the essentials in product and staff, why oh WHY would they keep (or pay for) the marketing hacks who write such patent drivel?


Not really a disappointment, as it's a musical diversification as opposed to some of the other things Gibson has chased down before.

One has to wonder though, how long before robotized amp knobs?


I saw this too. I always heard the ultimate amp combination for Les Paul players is a Marshall stack.


actually, robotized amp knobs make a lot more sense than robo-tuners.


Well, after some acquisitions outside their area of expertise that put them in to bankuptcy, they better get back their core biz.

The made cool amps in the 50s and 60s.


They made cool amps in the 50s and 60s.

Yeah! If Randall Smith is still really as active and into developing product as the release brags, suitably updated versions of those amps would be a project worthy of the collaboration, (Something like Supro’s modern owners have done with those amps.)

Reading between the lines of the release - where Smith says going with Gibson assures the legacy of Mesa - I’m guessing he couldn’t find a better succession plan for his company, and that was his motivation. IE, that it’s more about survival of the brand in the future than what he personally does between now and the inevitable.


Mick Jones made a Gibson and a Mesa/Boogie sound pretty good with liberal application of a Space Echo.


I heard McCartney's current / recent rig was two monster MESA tube heads and these 2-15 cabs ...or something similar.

I first recall hearing about Mesa in the ate 70s. Intense Sustain Dudes were eaten up w/ them.


No other amp does the bad solid-state sound as well as Mesa, but I hope Randy cashed out big time & spends it on his Sprites & Sevens!


actually, robotized amp knobs make a lot more sense than robo-tuners.

– macphisto

Neil Young agrees.


Ugh!! I've Mesa Boogies, both good and bad over the years. I wonder if Gibson is going to water the Mesa Boogie brand down into irrelevance, like they did with Steinberger, Kramer, and to an extent, Trace Elliot.


Thanks to the influence of Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon and several other studio masters of the 70s & 80s, I acquired the classic combo of a 335 and a Mesa Boogie MkIIb in about 1983. I used this combo until the mid 90s and I must say that I did get a lot of great mileage out of the Boogie-Gibson pairing. It was an awesome tone package. When tastes (mine) changed in the mid 90s, due mainly to my return to country, I put aside the fatness of the Boogie and returned to my Fender roots re: Teles and Fender tube combos.

I do remember ordering direct from Mesa Boogie (the only way you could get them back in the day), and speaking personally to Randall regarding my needs. He was most helpful, enthusiastic and informative. Golden days all around.

Hard to believe Mr Smith is 75 now and his amplifiers pushing 50. In spite of the over zealous hype as neatly pointed out in several postings above, I'm hoping that Gibson can steward it's new acquisition in respectful and successful style. I DO hope to see a return to a somewhat more classic format vis-a-vis the amps circuitry. In recent years I've felt that Boogie has pushed just a little to far in the direction of gimmickry in an effort to achieve 1st amp on Mars status. I can certainly attest to the beauty of tone and the essential working-man versatility of Randall's earlier efforts. In any case best of luck to both Gibson and Randall...


This guy's channel may be a bit metal for your tastes (he's played in hardcore and metal bands for at least 20 plus years), but he also worked for New York City investment firms for at least a decade. He explains from his experience with handling investment funds, why the Gibson & Mesa Boogie buyout or merger is probably not a good thing. Some of the things he mentions I experienced personally, when I worked in my last job, when that company was bought out by a Fortune 200 company.


i was thinking of Neil when i posted.


I wonder what Moe, Shemp and Larry are thinking.


Hopefully Gibson will shepherd Mesa Boogie in a similar fashion to the way FMIC handles Gretsch. I guess it all depends on the innerworkings of the deal.


Gibson knocked it out of the park with their Original Collection Les Pauls, so maybe we'll get something interesting out of the Gibson-Boogie merger. Full disclosure: I bought an optioned-up '87 Mark III brand new, and it does what a Boogie does 100%. Superb fit, finish, quality all the way round but my Teles always preferred Music Man. The Mark III hasn't left the barn in a long time.

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