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The VibroSonic is Awsome. I used to have one just like it. That should have a 1960 date code, and maybe a 5G12 model number. Notice the knobs are in the wrong order and it has the plugged Pulse hole with nothing in it. It has only 5 preamp tubes and the first version of the Crossover Tremolo that devides lows and highs and pulses the alternately. Some people erroneously call it Harmonic Tremolo.
The D130 looks like it's been reconed with a later cone kit, but even so, it's an amazing amp. Except for the speaker and output impedance, this is the same as the early 5G12 Concert Amp, and they're the loudest, cleanest amps Fender ever made. The VibroSonic was intended for pedal steel. These and the Concerts, if stock, will NOT break up...at all, even on 10.
On the other hand, that 3-10 Bandmaster at the top of the page will have over the top breakup and distortion. BZ


They also didn't have metal corners yet.


Don thanks for the musical candy but I'm looking for something in the Pop Rocks price range. I need to find a practice amp that suits my 10x12 cabin as the 60 watter I have now is a bit much. So please either talk me out of this Gretsch or don't let me overpay.



Those Vibrasonics are awesome indeed. I saw/heard Jeremy Wakefield play steel through one long ago (I wonder if he still plays those, he said he had two at the time), and it was just about perfect.

I'd love to have one of those Bandmasters though, with a 2ohm bassman transformer and some healthy speakers it should be about the same thing as a Concert.

I'm a sucker for the three-speaker thing, doesn't make a lot of sense, but I think it's cool. (I have two tweed 3X10 5E7 replicas, both have a bassman OT) When I find the right fixer-upper brownface bandmaster head when I can afford it, I'm going to have a replica brown 3X10 combo built. Michiel just sold a nice head for a great price, but the timing was wrong for me.


btw, BZ, a concert, with the original old Oxfords will break up if you turn it up all the way - the speakers will at least - for a little while...! A friend of mine had a nice one, another amp I regret not getting when I had the chance.


Just love the Brown-era fender circuits. I have a faithful 6G2 Princeton build and just picked up a Brown deluxe tribute head that I had listed on here but now I am afraid to let it go.


In the early '60s, when Fender came out with the new black amps, you couldn't give a brown one away. Tweeds were even more unwanted. Go figure.


These first series Concert amps had the Alnico Jensens like the Bassman. Then they went to Alnico Oxfords with deep brown covers, and then Oxford ceramics with shallow brown covers, and then those aweful BlackFace concerts with the same ceramic Oxfords with black covers. If you can get one of those early Concerts to break up, either it's not stock or you're using a super over-wound Humbucker that puts out a volt.
I remember not being able to give these away even in the early 90's. I have a love/hate relationship with those crossover Trems. They're great Tremolo, but compress the life out of the signal when they're turned off. I always played through the other channel unless I was using the Tremolo.


I have a May 1960 Super. It has the tweed grill cloth, the 50s "5" style circuit on the tube chart, pulse adj, but not the center volume. Bone stock save the speakers that were probably fried in the first week of its life and I recently did the cap change as a precaution.

It makes an excellent end table which is what I use it for now.


The Vibrasonic went for $2500, the Concert for $3000 and the Bandmaster went for a whopping $8500. There was commission to be paid on top of that of up to 25%.


1976....both had Bass Treble Volume.

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