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Fender Two-Tone Amp


While I was having a look at the up coming guitar auction I came upon this amp and was curious to opinions on it. You know how looks can win you over, ha.


IIRC, this was a Blues Junior in a different housing with a 12" and a 10" speaker. Never saw one in person, though.


I knew a guy who had one... sounded OK if yer into the BJr PJr scene. I went off those things tho.


Estimated £200-400. Not a bad deal for the money. Lots cheaper than when it was new. Not too many of these around.


Circa 2001 USA-made "Green-board" Blues Junior. The cab is really nice. The one I had was modded by BillM for 6V6s or 6L6s at a higher plate voltage. I failed to bond with it and sold it. I would probably like one with EL84s. But maybe not. I love my own highly hot-rodded Blues Jr. a LOT.


The amp was okay. The cabinet? Inspirational.


Looks edible. I liked it when Fender had those whacky one offs like the excelsior, the rampart the vaporizer etc,. Their design ethic has become dull as the new management took over. Now we get retro 80's grey wool suits on amps like the Bassbreaker. Those suits stunk


I'd take that! I use a stock tweed blues jr. 3, with the jenson speaker, I've read people bashing it but I think it's pretty cool, could use a little smoothing around the edges though

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