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Fender Pro Jr Redoux


Not sure if I shared this before. A customer traded this for a custom build. I think they sound lousy, so I gutted the amp and hand-wired in an abbreviated 1974x circuit. Also made a new thin plywood baffle, lacquered the tweed and stuck a Celestion Vin10 inside. Whole different animal now.


From the back. I kept the chassis and transformers, everything else is new. Zero floor noise, super touch sensitive.


Circuit close-up.


The customer loved it so much he bought it back. He used the amp in his Vince Gill "Take Me Down" audition video.


Man, that's really cool and GREAT sounding!!


Thanks JB. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Stephan is a pretty good player.


Love the playing. Love the sound. I think I'll better go practicing. Do you think that amp and its new circuit design would profit from a bigger pine amp cabinet?


In my opinion, absolutely. There are some that prefer the tight, focused Hi-Fi sound of a stiff, dense particle board cabinet. I'm just not one.

I've made a couple big pine cabinets for guys here and done A/B comparisons using the same amp in both cabs. Pretty much unanimous consensus that a larger pine box is a big improvement. This amp in a big pine cab with a Celestion Vin30 is just amazing....and really loud.


Thanks. The amp sounds great as is and I do believe that in another cab it might not even sound much better mic'd but would be amazing when you're in the same room.


The reason this amp is visiting me is two-fold. One, I have been asked to make a bigger pine replacement cab for a Pro Jr and I neeed to measure the chassis so it will fit. Two, I am in the process of making a short run of "drop in replacement" amps that will fit into any Pro Jr cabinet, so again I needed the chassis to blue print a run of new chassis. This way I can make any number of amps that share the same tube count and minimalist control panel. Marshall 1974x, Vox AC15, 60's Gibson Skylark, Supro Model 24, etc.


@ 4:08 - the intro riff from "Rhiannon."

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