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Fender Pro 5B5


Sold a stack-o-gear and compensated myself with this. Largely inspired by Shuggie’s vid With the 5a3s Beautiful cleans from this thing. Has a cluster o ugly orange replacements caps under the hood though . Any suggestions on replacements? I know you don’t see them with the back on... but I know they’re there


Love the signature on masking tape, gorgeous hand writing


If you believe in voodoo, the Jupiter yellow caps are very close to Astrons. Gerald Weber says Mallory 150s are the same. Big price difference. Either way, Orange drops are totally wrong.


I do believe in voodoo . Thank you, Powerdog! Jupiters look closer in appearance .

Petty there are no replicas. Is NOS ever an option?


Any film caps...yellow is a good color. Never spend over a dollar on a coupling cap!


Thanks Billy. Much appreciated.

As a matter of interest . What’s wrong with the orange drops? IVe had a lot of people tell me I should change them. I just really don’t like the way they look. But are they okay for purpose?


People bitch about Orange Drop caps but Victoria amps sound great and that's what he uses.


Congratulations eCastro.

I just PM'd you about the caps. I tend to agree with Billy, but I have a way of making them look right too.


The color will not affect the sound! Any film type cap is fine. In the 70's & 80's, Sprague made orange caps in both Mylar & Polystyrene. The polystyrene caps were nicknamed Orange Drops & were favored by many people for audio applications. Sprague no longer exists & neither do those caps, but a number of companies are making so-called Orange Drops. The Sprague name has been revived by the company that bought the name, but that's irrelevant. Guitars & guitar amps don't have enough frquency range for any of this to matter, and the original caps in old amps were just whatever was cheap at the time. Any film type is fine. You won't hear any difference. FWIW, your boutique amps will sound better if you get rid of those horrible carbon composition resistors that everybody seems to love the looks of. They were always crappy sounding & noisy. Caps & resistors today are much better than what was available in the old days.


Thanks Shuggie! Much appreciated.

Thanks Billy! Interesting read. I’ll go with the Mallory caps.

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