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Fender Princeton Fudge Brownie


What a name for an amp. Saw it used at Guitar Center yesterday. It looked cool and interesting so plugged it in. Thought it sounded good. Thought it was a Brown Face reissue at first but figured out it was not because the price, even used would be too good for that amp, plus aren't the BrownFace RIs just being released, so used there probably won't be any out yet.

I don't see much on the internet about this amp but maybe you know. Anything different about it other than the outside? Or is it the same as a BF reissue but only in, well, Fudge Brownie? Just curious your thoughts, thanks.

This is not me playing but found this on YouTube -


It is a weird name for an amp --


It's a PRRI with a different speaker and coverings.

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