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Fender Frontman 25R


Hey folks, anybody tried one of these Fender Frontman 25R amps? They are cheap but a lot of tone for what they are! I had one awhile back, sold it, and now have another one got in a trade. All solid state with reverb. But hey, they sound pretty good. Just getting a consensus and opinions. Thanks, Steve


Geez, I just TODAY sold one on Reverb. It belonged to former member Ray Beals, a friend of mind, who passed last year. I'm selling some of his stuff for his widow.

So yeah, I plugged it in and played it awhile before listing it. I was very impressed, not only with its interpretation of classic Fender tone, but with the range of the tone controls, the depth available, the quality of the reverb, and the wide range of dirt available. Loud sucker too! In a pinch, you could easily dial in most tones you might need for a small gig.

Meant as a practice amp, yadda yadda - but for 100.00 new it seemed like it transcended that category.

Fine little amp.


I had one and it was an excellent amp but fell victim to my pursuit of MOAR amps...

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