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Fender Deluxe Reverb Re issue lost its jingle


I have a Deluxe Re issue Ltd Edition the wine red colour, I bought it used, re valved with correct JJs and bias correct and sounded super with my Strat, Tele, 6120DSV, 6119T Filtertrons and my Epiphone Elite 335 with Humbuckers. Had volume at 3-4 in Studio set up using the reverb and tremelo to good effect straight into input 1 and also on the non reverb channels all fine.Its lost the headroom, sounds slightly driven especially playing chords. All tubes a glowing, tap test done and new 6v6 power tubes tried with no avail, did the tests on the AX7s and AT7 with new tubes to no avail, impedance on the speaker seems fine. I then check cleaned all the valve sockets, only thing I can't do is the bias, seems you need a plate tester. Any ideas.Likely needs a tech"


With any valve amplifier, the valves are the first suspect. Call around to music shops and electronics suppliers, and ask if anyone has a tube tester. It's possible that you have a tube that needs to be replaced. Also, you can spray the tube sockets, input Jack's and potentiometers with a zero residue electrical cleaner, sometimes this can help. That's about all you can do, without involving a technician. Good luck with it, I hope that it is a simple fix.


It's gotta be a bad tube. Sometimes even brand new ones go bad.


I had that exact thing happen to a Mesa DC-5. Took it to several well-regarded amp repair shops who said there was nothing wrong with it, that was how it was supposed to sound (I knew that wasn't the case).

Finally took it back to Mesa and they found a bad resistor somewhere on the board. Wish I could be more specific, but once it was fixed, tons of clean headroom again.


It's gotta be a bad tube. Sometimes even brand new ones go bad.

– JBGretschGuy

Especially with JJ's


As the speaker breaks in, it will lose some top end zing.


The one tube you didn't check is the rectifier! Normally, they either work or they don't, but it's worth looking at. If it fails completely, it often takes out a couple of screen grid resistors with it, but it may just be acting weird, especially if it's a Sovtek.

Did you bother swapping out the phase inverter tube? It can also have a huge effect on the amp's performance. It's the AT7 closest to the power tubes.

Even the speaker jack and wires can produce the effect you're talking about. If this amp has reverb and trem on both channels (the "Fritz mod," standard on the '68 DRRI), the wires for the reverb tank can also cause issues in both channels. Try disconnecting the send and return and see if that fixes it. That would be a three-dollar fix!


And, of course, the filter caps can crap out and cause exactly the problem you're describing. That usually takes a long time, though. Replacing those is not something you want to try if you're inexperienced!


Seriously, check out the 12AT7/ECC81/6201 in the Phase Inverter spot. A bad one can seriously mess with the "push-pull" of a class AB amplifier. It's like having one bad power tube.


Checked out the rectifier with a replacement and that's not the cause, reverb send and return leads disconnected and not the issue, have swapped out both AT7 s with new and no change, went through the AX7s and no change, one thing that prompted that was a difference in output from the Normal channel and the Reverb Tremelo channel is quite noticeable now. The speaker has been in the amp since new and its about ten years old so well run in. Thanks for all the pointers, I'm gonna get a tech to check out bias settings and he has a speaker cab I can try as a external feed to see if thats is a issue.

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