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Fender Champ 600’s $119.99


Amazon too! My wife ordered one for a Valentines gift. $119.99 Wife told me she got it for me so I quit blasting her out of the house. Got mine Monday. My wife's plan kinda backfired. I A/B it with a Valve Junior head&cabinet I have.


I betting Fender is getting ready to drop it and the retailers are blowing them out. They already discontinued the Gretsch version and I couldn't find the Fender version on their site anymore...

I bought one too after borrowing a buddies. Nice tone at low volumes. A little dark. It was fine for the tele, but too dark with the 6120. I'll bet changing out that super thick solid velour blanket they call 'grill cloth' for some standard oxblood grill cloth and/or a Weber speaker should balance things out. The tele sounded great with a dyna brain and slapback (and the kiddies were sleeping in the next room, with their white noise machines on of course).

There's a tone of mods out there - one of which is taking the tone stack out of the circuit to make it more like a tween circuit. -Increases gain and eliminates the preset scooped sound. Some folks even put it on a switch to have both options. Forgive me if it's been discussed here. I'm new to this amp.

I was impressed how full the low end was at around 4-7 on the volume knob. Impressive for a 6" speaker, which I thought would sound ridiculous. It's no 12", but not shabby for something that rediculously small. Still, you can get a nice Weber 8" signature for pretty cheap ($35), and it does fit if you make a new baffle (or cut up the original one). At $119, theres a little room to play with....


My wife picked on up for 115 bucks and gave it to me as a Christmas present (Great Wife ;-) btw) She said that the guy at guitar center told her that they were discontinued.. I really like the little thing.. Planing on putting a better speaker and some better tubes in the not too distant future.. Then I am going to really love it..


I picked mine up brand new at GC at their Christmas sale 2 years ago for $89.99! I got the last one in stock at this particular store.

Great little practice and recording tube amp. Sounds great with my Strats and Teles.


I cannot complain. my wife bought me a Gretsch for Christmas and a Champion 600 for valentines day. when you have a good wife :) Had my 600 now for a few days now. The tone is growing. My Ibanez 335 sounds dark, my Gretsch and Strat sounds good my G&L ASAT sounds fantastic through this little amp. the speaker seems to be breaking in every time I play it. The amp keeps sounding better

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