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Fender cab question —tweaky curiosity


Mojo can make me a front panel Champ cab to hold a 10. Typical 1964-79 Champ cabs are 7 1/4 " deep.

This can also be made has a shortened Music master bass cab, which is same dimensions but is 9" deep -- that's just how they designed in for a 12.

Both of course are open back combos.

Will that 1 3/4 " extra depth of the MM Bass cab make any difference in overall tone/depth of sound -- seems unlikely but had to ask.


Doubtful. Little if any.


That's sort of what I suspected. But always good to 'ask the experts'


The farther that you can separate the front and rear of the speaker, the better the bass response should be. It may not be too noticeable, but it should help.

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