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Fender Bassbreaker


I tried their little 1-10 7 watter ... 1 6BQ5. That's a LOUD 7 watts.


I've been impressed with the Bassbreakers I've played. Good tones, and nice to have something different than the "HotRod" Fenders at a good price. Haven't seen the schematic yet, but I suspect it's pretty "Bassman"-like. The reverb (digital) wasn't my favorite, and with a layout like this don't ever ask me to fix one.


At those prices, no doubt from China.

I am actully siziing one up for lo-vol bass and hi-vol guitar.

My fave digital reverb and chorus is on the Fishman amps.


PCB amps are pretty much disposable. They're one step from being sealed in epoxy.


The 15 watter in green Mex upholstery to remind us of it's Brit historical influence looks cool.....on the outside.


I don't mean to sound like such a snob. They really do sound good, which is the primary goal.


I was talking with a friend who owns a guitar store and he told me that the Bassbreaker series have not sold - worldwide they have sat in stores. That's nuts. They are the only amp in the current Fender line-up that I would buy! I think they are a breath of fresh air for Fender and very much a step in the right direction. I have liked those I have plugged into.

But it seems we guitarists are becoming more and more conservative in our requirements. FWIW I think they are made in Mexico.


I'm getting one...even good for bass @ really lo-volume


Let us know how you like it.


I wondered if these Bassbreaker Mexi amps are on a par build-quality wise, as the Mexi Pro/Blues Jr. line.


I can't see why they wouldn't be.


I tried one and thought it sounded pretty good with a tele. I did not like the non foot switchable voices and the volume jump for each.

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