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Excelsior Schem


"Still looking to see if anyone with the math skills will help bump the power rating up. Or, discuss how this and an Exec run 2 6V6's and be rated 13w and 20w respectively. And how this affects clean head room. "

1) A class A inverter like the Excelsior has will have less output than a Long-Tailed inverter will, like the Executive has. 2) Cathode-bias is another limiting factor. 3) The output transformer looks fairly small as well.

If I want LOUD I'll use a 40+ watt amp, for the den or for recording 5-15 watts is plenty for me.


Swapping the output transformer to a 40 watt Blues Deluxe transformer will make the amp slightly louder (and heavier). I've done that with both my Princeton and Blues Junior amps.

As with any inexpensive amp, the factor speaker is not very efficient. A more efficient speaker makes the amp sound much louder.


Need to know fast, what will happen when the AX tubes are exchanged for AY or AU.

Here is a better rendition of the schematic:


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