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Ever wanted a 100w pedalboard-mounted power amp?


Probably works great. I've been using tiny class D amps driving cabs for a couple of years. It just works.

(Buyer should bear in mind, of course, that HD's 100 SS watts won't produce anything like the volume of tube watts. Though I'm sure they're ample to most any sane enterprise.)


I like it.

I went a different route seeking SS power, just a straight away, well-made, single-channel SS power amp and a LR Baggs Para DI for all EQ controls. I like the Baggs...more than a decade using it, easy.

There are a few ~45W pedal units out there, the Tone Controls on those all seem lacking to me.


Looks like they’re being sold partly on the premise there’s less to schlep around, but you still gotta bring a speaker cab, right? I mean, what’s the use of a power amp without a speaker cab?

Amp modelling in tiny packages I get, just DI them into the PA and everyone’s happy. Not sure I’m so onboard with this though.


It is funny how power ratings for SS and Tube end up so different.

I like my SS rig for sound reinforcing Acoustic Guitars. Great for the hearing challenged along with the feedback one gets from your sound coming at you instead of away.

Not long ago I figured some nice settings for both the Gretsches, too.

On/Off, no wait, no hiss, clean...


Hmmm...light, cheap and decent. Right up my alley.


whats a Harley Benton? Sounds like the brother of 70s playmate Barbie Benton


Harley Benton is the house brand of Thomann, Europe’s largest music retailer.


Could come in handy on gigs if the main amp went down -- as long as switching the speaker over can be done quickly.

However, I thought the same about the Crate Powerblock -- didn't like the sound, but maybe these things have moved on since then. And this HB box is very cheap.

(And here I am in my dotage thinking a Harley Benton was an old British motorbike -- always learning something new on the GDP).




I can see this useful in something like a school environment where size, weight and reliability is more important than sound.

And yes, it might be a cheap and handy backup solution for gigging musicians. Just let's hope you never need it there.


230 volts only? That's a lot of batteries! I think you can still get those Philips class D kits for around $35. BTW, Class D is the modern name for Modulated Pulse Amplifiers....like those Walter Woods amps from the early 70's.

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