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Wouldn't it be nice if somebody would start reissuing the old Echosonic amps again! It sure had a great sound even without the tape echo. I do remember one or two guys cloning their own version individually. Even an amp "without" the tape mechanism would be nice. Probably not an electronics nightmare since it's all tube and analog. Chet sure got some nice tones out'a his. I do realize that a certain part of that tone was due to equipment in the studio like microphones, mixing boards, etc. Just wondering.....! Stay warm folks!! Steve


If you'd really want to clone it tape echo and all, and make it a commercial venture, I think you'd be looking at a crazy expensive little amp.


Didn't someone try to make some re-issues a few years back? Someone out of Cairo, IL as I recall?


There's a couple guys that have made them. The most accurate would be the ones Tim Master's made/makes. He got to be good friends with Ray's daughter and got all his original equipment. He's done a few but they're labor intensive and costly. There was a German kid that did one years ago but just the one and not for sale. Lately there's a guy in Spain that makes some though I don't know how exacting they are. I think he's tried to make a bit of a business from it. Belair amps he calls it I believe


About 10 years ago I almost bought a Rickenbacker M30 Eko-Sound amp in working condition for $2500 but I passed. Probably a mistake in retrospect.


One of the biggest problems would be trying to find 1/4" mono tape record, playback, erase heads, and the related motors and tape guides.


I doubt heads would be a problem. There's plenty of studios around the world still using 1/4" tape, I'm sure the heads must be available.

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