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Easy trick for cleaning pots on DRRI?


Spraying cleaner around the metal post after takig the knob off did nothing.

I really dont feel like disassembling the whole amp to clean a scratchy pot. Do I have to?


Unfortunately, yes, unless you have a small adapter that screws onto the mounting shaft of a potentiometer. They're called a "Pot Cleaner Cap", and can be purchased from various online vendors. I believe that Stewart Mac has them, they cost about $20. They're a handy device, and save you from needing to tear out the guts, just to spray out a troublesome potentiometer. There are other methods of trying to get the spray into the pot from the front. You can try positioning the amp so the knobs are facing upward. Spray a generous amount of cleaner into the shaft area, and let gravity do its work. But a Pot Cleaner Cap will be the best way to get the cleaner in from the front.

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