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Does over-collecting = hoarding?


I own ten Magnatones of various years and models. I think they are far supperior to Tweed Deluxes.


It's NOT hoarding if you put things away neatly!


That should still leave about 439 amps for the rest of us.

– Ric12string

Totally said with love, of course. If I had even played on a song as iconic (much less written and sung it) I wouldn't have sold my tweed deluxe, and wouldn't have to have built a copy.


Yay for DaveH. Just so.


Yes, it could be labeled as "hoarding."

I'd say I have a gear hoarding affliction.



Sol Betnun Music on Larchmont. Sol was cool. I got a bunch of my gear from him. Pete Anderson was a salesman there.


It's not hording as long as you still have good hygene...so in Neil's case, yes it is.


Yep it's hoarding. I've tried hoarding Gretsch guitars and amps but I have to keep selling them to buy more Gretsch guitars and Amps. So how's that for a new sub genre of hoarding? Wanting to hoard but failing to!


So how's that for a new sub genre of hoarding?

Serial Hoarding.

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