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Do I even dare admit this? (modeling content)


My entire collection of effect foot pedals was stolen in a burgurlary, in 2011. It was an extensive lifelong collection and I was absolutely devastated.

That would be a terrible day for me as well. Can't imagine.

Excellent working picker's perspective, Frank. Funny we've both ended up at the Quilter InterBlock as the ideal transparent-but-tweakable transportable platform solution. I also keep a 10-year-old Crate Powerblock, a too-early and (in retrospect) amazingly predictive entry into the weighs-nothing portable-power field - because it's stereo. And I must be stereo.


I think it makes a lot of sense these days. At home, or in a studio, it might make a lot of sense to have the gear. But live, if you can get 99% of the way there (and these days, you can, pretty easily) and you can do it with a lightweight, affordable, venue-friendly package? Yeah, that makes sense.

– Baxter

It does in a practical sense, and I have used solid-state amps and digital gear when the gig was work, simply put, or when transport/space limitations allow me no choice. But it's not fun, so I use the stone-age gear whenever I can. Sounds better too.

Enough "really practical!" digital boxes staring at me already in daily life.


Since this subject came up I too can confess. First the disclaimer: I'm not nor ever have been a "real" musician. I love my guitars but the closest I've been to being a gigging musician is family jams. With that out of the way, here is my go-to rig: interface into either a laptop or Surface Pro running Amplitube 4 into the effects loop of a Crate 150w through a cabinet loaded with an Organic Timbre 12. Quite happy with this set-up! There, now the world knows.


I got a Helix about a year ago. Been gigging with it since. I haven’t yet set up patches for going direct into PA, except for my acoustic guitar. I’ve created several “pedalboards” to use in front of the amp. My plan is to basically recreate the same boards, except add the amps and cabs and maybe EQ to the chain and put it through the PA in small venues and/ or to use as a backup if my amp blew. Just recently created a neat patch that sounds a bit like a Fender Rhodes.

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