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dig this righteous Pathfinder


Cleanest thing in history, w/ tag still on the handle, all paper, stand and foot switch... if I had a cover it would be complete. Only non-original thing is speaker cause Powdog honked this open to hold a 10, and it sounds loads better. New cap job! So even tho t he search for clean tube model continues this one's a keeper, I am pretty sure


Wow - that's a beaut! I've just been rehearsing with my Cambridge Reverb - these are great little amps, from clean to grind. They overdrive surprisingly smoothly for solid state amps. What speaker are you using? Did Powdog have to replace the grille cloth when he opened up the baffle for thhe 10? I swapped out the Bulldog in mine for a Warehouse ET-10 for a tad more volume. Though I also added a top boost and distortion booster so I might be a bit overboard... I'd love to find a stand for mine.


DC, I know you're a solid state Vox fan. I was looking at an old Heathkit catalog the other day, and realized that as they sold Thomas organ kits, the guitar amp kits were Vox as well in different cabinets. Then, a couple of pages later, I found a Vox Jaguar combo organ kit. Have you ever come across any Heathkit gear in your travels?


Heath did have Jaguar organ kits, but not Continentals, as far as I know. Heathkit had some solid state amps that I think were their own design.. back as a kid a friend had one and I recall it sounded bad -- still assuming he and his dad built it correctly. That put me off solid state for a long time. Still, the keyboard companies (Thomas, Wurlitzer and others) were way ahead of the guitar amp companies in the 60s when it came to developing solid state. Powdog is some how able to make a nice round cut even with the junky particle board baffle and then just reinstall the orignal grill cloth. Got a Weber on order for this.


The specs on Heathkit's big guitar amp are very close to the Thomas Vox Super Beatle. Seeing the organs, Thomas and Vox, made me wonder. My Dad and I built a few of those Heath amps. Dad was a TV repairman as a side gig, and Heath was about 60 miles from us. EV was 15 miles away---Dad worked there in the late '40s. Lots of people got in over their heads on Heathkits. If you followed the directions, they went together well---even told you when t take a break for the night. Much of my stereo and sound gear was Heathkit back in the '60's. Mostly tubes---the solid state gear sounded like----'60s solid state gear.


Those tube Heathkit mono block amps sounded pretty good! Dynaco/Dynakit also were cool. Now all I have to do is get this original 2 prong cord on this amp changed out. Then I'm good to go!


I had some Dynaco stuff as well. PAT-3 preamp lasted for years. I'd still like to get some MacIntosh power amps to power my Klipsch Cornwalls and Altec A-7s. We used Macs at the theater I worked in for PA mains for years. They hired a new tech director and all of the Macs and a Hammond RT-3 with 4 Leslie 145s disappeared overnight.

He said they were "bad". The guy was a tool.


FOUR Leslies?? Sounds like theft, if you ask me!


The Leslies were the least of the issues. The Hammond and Leslies rotted away in his garage, a lot of new gear disappeared or got sold, and he used 2/3 of our new PA gear to help a buddy's company.


Cool Pathfinder!!! I have one that clean, but without all of the goodies. How rare!


Now I have a Weber 10 in it.

About twice a year a really clean tube model comes along -- that's my next 'get'


How does it sound?


It's better w/ the Weber -- prob is after the recap it was dead quiet, but in two weeks some of the hi-end hiss came back... probably other original components stressed by the new on-spec ones. Stil not bad and it is a good sounding amp, esp. w/ a Holy Grail in front. May try to do a few gigs with it (turned around, mike in back) Nobody here tho will put a 3 prong cord on it


A three prong conversion is pretty simple. Here's how I did my Cambridge Reverb. The green wire should be connected to the chassis physically.

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