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dig my righteous Thomas Vox Pathfinder


Well, finally done. Chassis cleaned up, cab opened for a 10 by Powdog!!..And best of all stays clean until 3/4 up and machine gun trem. 1 smokin 6BQ5 pushing around 5-6 watts. VERY Rickenbacker-friendly. Holy Grail settin' on top and a line out box coming also. Got the original stand and a repro cover. Now I just need another one like it.

There is some question whether this is 4 ohm or 8 ohm. I had thought all the tube ones where 8 ohm and 4 ohms for solid state but my amp guy here says it tested'responded better with a 4 ohm load. Schematic shows 8 ohm but given the number of Thomas Vox errors on schematics... Plus the AC-4 was 4 ohm ( I think)

Right now an 8 ohm C10R is in it but improved lo-end is the quest so if anyone wants to suggest an efficient 10 that might do better in that regard, please speak up. I do want to try a 4 ohm in it... see if there's any notable difference in the sound.


I put a 4 ohm 10" Weber California in my Bronko (Vibro Champ). Very efficient but a space hog. Had to bulld a new cabinet to fit it in (or rather Powdog did). A Ragin' Cajun might be just what you want. Both are very efficient.


I tested the tube Pathfinder I have here, and the OT measured 5K:8 ohms. So at least this one is set up for an 8 ohm speaker.

Hope this helps.


Powdog ... you are clearly right then. Not sure what the guy here was saying. Still it turned out great.

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