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Deluxe or Super Reverb or… mod my Deville?


Hey guys, I have been using a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 forever. It was always okay--good enough to gig with, sometimes great, most of the time... just good enough to gig with.

But freaking heavy.

Now it's basically falling apart. When it heats up it goes pingy--pretty sure there are cracks here and there, etc.


Should I try to get it fixed, modded or just sell?

And if I did... I've always dug the old Reverend sound--the Gretsch into the Super Reverb...

Pricey though. Maybe a Deluxe Reverb would do? 22 watts, but only one speaker--but not so freaking heavy...

I find that when I was really gigging I did like the volume and the big sound I got from the 410 on 7-8 even, but most of the time I could not crank it that loud. Not sure if 22 watts and one speaker would be enough...

Anyway... opinions?




Just to add. What I really would like would be one of those Executives they used to make.

Or one of Tavo's amps because...

They are just so Tavo.


Opinions pls!



Now it's basically falling apart.

Any "mod" short of a total gut and rebuild won't fix that. The FMIC "Blues" series of amps are built like consumer electronics.


Ugh-- I know! But it's got 4 celestions! Gotta be worth something! Then there is the emotional attachment--or should I just sell it and scrounge the cash for a deluxe?


Ugh-- I know! But it's got 4 celestions! Gotta be worth something! Then there is the emotional attachment--or should I just sell it and scrounge the cash for a deluxe?


Hey why not a Pro Reverb, 2-12s @ 45 watts. Clean silver panels are out there, even pre master volume. But if 10s are it for you ... you can honk around a Super Reverb. Modding a worn out DeVille -- that's not economically maybe the best idea.


I don't know the Pro Reverb... what's it like? I've never even seen one. Sounds very interesting though.



A Deluxe Reverb is a pretty loud 22w with the right speaker(s). I'm running mine thru a 2X12 Supersonic cab w/ V30's and it is very loud.


If a Deluxe Reverb isn't loud enough, just mike it. Modern PAs have eliminated the need for high wattage amps.


If you got a couple of years of good stage service out of one of those Deville things, count your blessings and throw it out. No use sinking money into those.


WB--roger that.


Early Silverface Fenders (1968-1972, no master volume) offer excellent value, especially if you are patient and watch for a deal.

I have a Super Reverb (4x10) and a Bandmaster Reverb with different cabs (2x12 closed, 2x12 open, and 1x15 open). Here are my thoughts:

Deluxe Reverb: 22 watts and the most expensive of the bunch because it gives you big amp features (Reverb, vibrato) with portability and breakup and lower volume levels. Note, there is no mid control in the Deluxe.

Then you move to the ~40-45 watt amps that break up at louder levels.

Vibrolux Reverb: 2x10 configuration and a little less oomph than the Super

Pro Reverb: 2x12 config. Awesome amp if you like the 12” sound. More oomph than the Deluxe, not as heavy (or crazy loud) as a Twin

Super Reverb: heaviest of the 40-45 watt amps. An awesome amp if you like 10’s. Four 10’s give more depth than the 2-10 configuration. I love this amp, but it is an awkward size to carry up stairs, it is heavy, and I’ve never played in a context where I can get it to breakup levels

Bandmaster Reverb: Pro Reverb in a head. The matching cab is a big closed back 2-12 which gives a bassier sound than the open back Pro. The advantage is you can build a cab to your liking. My open back with vintage Jensen 12s is a rock machine. My 1x15 with a Weber Cali is beautifully warm and rounded. Plus, the separate cab and head means I don’t kill my back.

You can also play with the voicings on these amps. My Super is stock and wonderfully clean and sparkly. I had my BMR blackfaced and voiced to break up at reasonable volumes. Love both.


How about Tweed Bassman RI? Add a trem pedal and Reverb pedal. Did anyone mention this yet?


Mega helpful guys! The Pro Reverb sounds amazing. True, nobody's mentioned the Tweed Bassman RI yet--but isn't that freaking loud and heavy?



And one thing--around here I see the tweed blues deluxe everywhere. Reasonable prices, etc. Have never played one--but I heard one and I couldn't tell if it would marry with a Gretsch. Great with a strat though.



Sounds like you want the '66 Super Reverb I'm trying to sell. Darned shame you're 4,000 miles away. Makes shipping just a little prohibitively expensive.



I fixed up some Blues Deluxes and Devilles with some simple mods and a 6V6 power tube swap, and folks are really happy with them.


Yeah? When I look at the prices out there that may be my only option.



Incrdible how the Pro Reverb is so forgotten - best thing they ever made (as far as onboard reverb) man find a early silver panel Pro reverb and you got it made.


40lbs is my recent limit. Tendinitis in both elbows - I don't play golf or tennis. I vote for the Deluxe Reverb.


Have you considered a Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb Reissue. 35 watts, 2x10 Celestions, real tube driven reverb and trem at around 41 lbs.


Konrad.......lots of great advice here and I'd like to add my comments, particularly in light of the fact I own a mint '66 BF Pro Reverb, '71 SF Vibrolux Reverb, and a Gretsch Executive. all of these will blow the ass off any re-issue!!

The Pro is basically a twin with half the power and is lighter. Mine has a wicked bass response, so strong I play with the base turned right down......don't need it for playing Chet's style (muting the lower 3 strings with the heel - NOT the palm of my hand!) Turn up the bass and you could take down a wall!

The VR is a bit less powerful than it's big brother & bass response is 'normal'. Beautiful tone and quite light for 35 watts. Great gigging amp.

The Exec is in a league of it's own. Incredible tone only a 15" can deliver. Less power than the other two but a hell of an amp if you don't need big output.

I have a '71 Bandmaster Reverb I'm going to pair with a JBL D130F in a custom cabinet to make a Vibroclone. Going to be a sweet amp when done!

The Exec's are a bit pricey being fairly rare, whereas the early SF's as Jason points out, are readily available and can be had at very reasonable prices. All 3 amps are hand wired and will out-perform any reissue. IMO, in particular, the re-issue Deluxe and Princeton are highly overpriced and not built to the standards commensurate with their price tag.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend you search out an early SF to suit your needs - don't consider a reissue - and it'll probably outlive live you! They're already 50 years old and ready for another 50! Change the caps and give it a 3 prong plug and you're pretty much go to go.

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