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Deluxe Amplification Blondie


Does anyone have any experience with one of these? Was wondering what they are like.


Luxetone has been in business for a long time building 6G6-B replica amps in Palm Springs, CA. Quality, reliability and a proven track record by a builder who has grown up w fender amps. The Luxtone Blondie-B is $1575. Spend wiser.



Cool. Thanks! I had been looking at the Allen Hot Blonde but came across the Deluxe Amplification. Sounds like maybe I should be considering the Luxetone and the Allen.


Very Happy with my Allen Accomplice Jr. The 'Raw' control is a great feature, letting you move between Blackface and Tweed tone profiles.


sheepishly but why not, there's always the Blondeshell to throw in the ring too, but its not a pure clone. I wanted to take what Leo Fender did, without altering the channel of the amp I love and add more versatility to it. So by definition, its not a replica Bassman.

Its the "normal" channel alone of the 63' 6G6-B Blonde bassman, and I've added a 61' tube rectifier sag switch, a half power mode, and a mids cut switch. So you kind of get all eras of the tolex bassmen's normal channel. The basis though is 100% blonde 6G6-B.



Definitely thought about the Blondeshell to go along with my Dynobrain but just cannot swing the cost, unfortunately.

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