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Delta Blues Speaker Replacement-Learn from my mistakes

Well I thought I try replacing my speaker in my Peavey Delta Blues 115, with a JBL D130. Not that original doesn't sound good, but I heard alot of guys like the JBL, and well curiosity got to me. JBL is not cheap, scored it on ebay, and it arrived in nice shape. I tested it by hooking up to the external speaker jack and sounded nice. OK so I didn't think it be big a deal to replace original, Im electronic tech for living and work on equipment all the time. I noticed in order to get to all the nuts off, I would need to remove the tube shield and the amp chassis, which I did,. I couldn't see how the reverb tank was attached so i left it hooked up and tried to work around it. Well that was my first mistake. With wires still attached made it alot harder. But i was able to get to all the nuts off and removed the orignal speaker. I then tied to put JBL onto the screws, I working on the floor with bad lighting and couldn't see exactly and wound up poking the speaker throught one of the screws right though the outside of the cone. ERRRRR I realized then that I should of took the board that the speaker is mounted on completely out of the cabinet, That would of made lining up speaker easier. I'm extremely frustrated, and am taking a break, If i had a sledge hammer handy I may of just smashed the whole thing. To make matters worse, i took my glasses off and wound up stepping on them.. bending up the frame pretty good... Well just blowing of steam here, if somebody hasn't try this before, Its not as simple as it looks.. Speaker is heavy and its awkward trying to get in, so completely dismantle the cabinet. Have good lighting and btw having a cat worrying about what you doing on the floor doesn't help either, lock the cat up in another room!...
Chuck, that sounds like every one of my speaker-replacement projects! You mean you're not supposed to poke a hole in the cone with a wobbly mounting screw that will strip out of the particle board when you finally get it through the wallered-out hole in the basket?
Sorry to hear about your luck. I've been there and know the feeling.
All good tone comes from torn speakers...relic job maybe? sorry to hear...I have been close, but never punctured one before. YEs, remove EVERYTHING before replacing speakers. Being heavy and cumbersome accidents will happen...
Glue it, slap it together, and you`ll never know the difference. Cheers to DIY!
Hey guys thanks for response, I feeling somewhat better now, but not gonna mess with it until tomorrow . I gonna try it with hole in it, why not? maybe it's the distorted break up sound im looking for Might be looking for some advice on speaker patching though....
How bad is the tear? They can be patched-- I've patched a few in my day by separating the plys of (of all things) toilet paper, saturating them in glue and layering them carefully over a small puncture or tear... key word being small. It works in certain situations. Good luck.
It's around 1/8 to 3/16" hole on the edge of the cone. Im sure thats better than hole in center. Just pisses me off to screw up such a nice speaker
That's not a hole - that's barely a breathing pore.
Make a Dave Davies special out of it.
Barge- all purpose cement - would do a good job of holding. Works on fabric, leather, rubber boots, etc. Good stuff. What I would use any-way. Luck to ya' . Don P S - also somewhat flexible
If you don't patch it, at least keep an eye on it. I've seen a small hole in a 18" speaker turn into not having a cone in one gig. That was a pa sub cab at a reggae show though. Extreme circumstance.
If it's in the rubberized outside edge of the cone, a dab of black silicone caulk would repair that. I've also used the terlet paper method for small holes (up to 3/8" or so) in paper, with great results.
ChuckH, Been there myself. I thought it would be easy to swap speakers in my AC30 - bought some Celestion Blues and switched out the Wharfedales. Thought it would be an easy switch. I , too, had to take out the amp chassis...then the screws were so tight and so cheap that I ended up stripping and breaking half of them. Had to resolder the reverb, etc. Not an easy project, and I feel your pain!
Space Jase: said: Make a Dave Davies special out of it.
What's a Dave Davies Special? Well hooked up speaker, and it seems to sound alright, but i will always be wondering if I hear some anomalies. Will consider patch, thanks...
BTW Dave Davies poked holes in his speaker with a pencil to get the "You Really Got Me" tone
But then you can only play "You Really Got Me"
D'oh! Been there, done that. If it's on the paper part of the cone, a little Elmer's and rag paper will do. Do both sides. It's mainly to keep the hole from getting worse. The D130 will still sound better than what you had.
Chuck, If it helps you, I have a 150 watt 8 ohm 12" Eminence Swamp Thang I'll ship you for $65 if you live in the States.
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Lionel the JBL was 175 shipped.. Jb thanks for offer,but looks like JBL still working ok, btw its a 15". I will try to patch it so it doesn't get worse. I only had one other speaker destroyed years ago It was a Pioneer 3 way tower speaker with 12" woofer. I had the grill cover off, just admiring how nice the speaker looked, and listening to some tunes on it through the stereo. When all sudden my chocolate lab, and the neighbors german shepherd came flying throught the house Chasing each other. I got up to protect the speaker but it was too late, the dogs dids roll on the floor in front of the speaker and one of them, im not sure now which put its back foot through the woofer. I think that was first and last time I ever took cover off the speakers...
I've been very lucky, with only a few "close calls" I always remove everything needed to make it easier. I admit that I was a little nervous when I installed my Celestion Gold in my Vox. I was holding it and started thinking about how much the damn thing cost me...........almost dropped it

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