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Yes...very similar to the Silvertones they made for Sears. Basically half of the 6-10" Silvertone. Cool tone, cheap parts, brilliant design, useless Reverb thing. Replace the off-value carbon comp resistors, and it'll sound really cool, although the Reverb unit is useless...won't work now & sounded terrible when it new.


There is just something about it...on the same theme as a Flip-Top Ampeg.


Like BZ said, they're like Silvertones, down to the wonky reverbs. I've seen others, tho not that particular model. This one's in like new condition. Like the Silvertones, the cabs aren't wood, but a type of compressed cardboard. Don't let them get wet!


Well being from NJ, Dano was in Neptune NJ and Ampeg in Linden so that's what us NJ kids had. Even tho Ampeg beat Fender by a short bit getting reverb into an amp, still when Fender did it other companies got the religion . Vox had an add on reverb thing in '64 that sucked, and BZ is right -- Dano reverb sucked when new and still does when 'restored'. Tiny little tank w/ one short spring... it just added noise to a good sounding amp.Trem is great on these tho. Lots of the 6-10 cabs were raided for the Jensens they had in em.


I still have a bunch of those Jensens. I used to buy them broken, fix & sell the heads with added output jacks, and keep the speakers.

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