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Cool! Are you building this yourself? What are the guts for it?


Just me. The circuit will be a modified Valco/Gretsch 6156 with reverb. New chassis and control panel, vintage transformers and tubes.


The risks and woes of working tortured lumber. Kee-rack!


I love this stream, those amps and old tools. That's the only useful thing I can add. Oh, and I'd love to have one sitting in my home . . . when I win the lottery I seldom play.

– Olivia Anne

If you would like an amp, just ask. I really am pretty cheap. I mean, it is your birthday after all.


Hey Powdog, I linger more than post so sorry if you've told us already but where are you located? Do you do the Circuits like the originals? Are you a shop or a hobbiest? I'd love to get a Round Up clone. Such a cool amp.


super nice work! any of these amps out in the wild yet? I'd love to hear/see a demo :)


I've made some Roundup amps as close to the originals as I could, using OEM transformers, old stock resistors and ceramic capacitors and vintage Jensen speakers. I've also made some updated variants (Vince Ray's Super8) as well as Gretschy looking replacement cabinets for newer Fender amps (Pro Junior, Champ 600 etc).

I live in Cool, CA which is half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I would call this an obsessive pursuit more than a hobby. I have a website, a shop and sell a lot of one-off custom builds, but if I called this a business that would make it work and I would no longer be interested. I already have a night job.

I've sold all of the cowboy amps from last year. They're out there somewhere. If you search YouTube for Cave Valley Amps, Vince made a cool little vid playing his Super8 amp, which is basically a Valco Model 6424 in Dracula clothes.

My latest run of hardwood Cowboy amps will house a 6156 circuit with reverb thrown in for goofs. Oak, Walnut, Maple and who knows what else.


I can attest that Powdog is a pleasure to work with and is thorough in determining exactly what you want.


Well here is this,,,,Turn up the Volume!


Walnut cowboy amp that I'm making for the Gold Rush Roundup.


Walnut cowboy amp that I'm making for the Gold Rush Roundup.

– Powdog

wow..sensational..walnut is a beautiful wood!!! has natural oil besides...doesn't need thick/ (or any finish)...walnut oil!




Wow, that is going to be beautiful, Powdog! I really dig the walnut.

So, what will this amplifier be based upon? One of the old Valco designs? Will this one break up easily? Or will there be a bit of headroom?

Very cool.


The circuit is the 5F1 Tweed Champ, but I've cleaned it up some by using a larger OT and a 6L6GC power tube.


It's gonna bark thru a vintage 12" Rola speaker.


That walnut is gorgeous! Great finis, nice joinery as well. It's obviously not going to be gigged with. My first amp was a '50s 6163---15", 18 watts, with that cab style. With either an early Fender circuit or a Valco, it ought to be a winner.


wow..sensational..walnut is a beautiful wood!!! has natural oil besides...doesn't need thick/ (or any finish)...walnut oil!



– neatone

I wish it were that easy! I still adhere to a 6 step oil finish that I picked up from Sam Maloof a lifetime ago.


well walnut oil is a polymerizing oil...it forms a thin protective outside coating rather than being absorbed completely into the wood

maloof used natural ingredients like oils,beeswax & varnish...these form thin coatings that can easily be touched up

has the makings of a killer amp..walnut...single 6l6 thru rola 12...nice!



I use walnut oil as a lubricating oil when I French polish with dewaxed shellac. The theory is that any left behind will polymerize with the shellac making it tougher. It still wears great with age compared to poly and is less prone to yellowing and cracking than nitro. I have been experimenting with Tru-Oil as well because it dries quicker for undercoats.


I'd love to have a cab like that to drop a 5e3 into. Would you care to cut a deal for about a half dozen clean alnico Rola speakers? These are all 12" with huge P12N size magnets.


I'm up to my eyeballs in vintage speakers. I have four of those P12N Rolas.


I also have a 5E3 cabinet made of Black Walnut. No amp in it right now. You gonna be at the Gold Rush Roundup?



the clean workshop influences the clean craft work no doubt




I have a Maple one as well, if you're so inclined.

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