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The 6169 amp with the 6V6 outputs is fired up and ready to strap into a cabinet. Gotta say, this is one dark amp. Definitely voiced for jazz players. No wonder they installed tweeters in a lot of these. The treble input is voiced pretty nice, but the two bass inputs are too dark for my taste. I think I'll switch it up after these and have two treble inputs and only one bass. Maybe do a "HI/LO" arrangement for the bright inputs.


Always an issue...to keep it authentic or to tweak. I'd say 'tweak'. It's maybe heresy to say this but I think the new Supro's are more usable and offer more variety than the vintage models. There's a video shoot out on youtube between an old Tremoverb and the new Tremoverb model and the new one wins hands down.

But in an ideal world, it would be great to recreate an old amp like this and say 'wow, that's perfect'


I don't think switching around the inputs a little would make me a witch. Ampeg and Gibson both kinda missed the rock-n-roll bus resting on their jazz laurels. I'm not trying to make dead-on clones here. Better is better.


Totally agree! But you already know I think you're a wizard rather than a witch!


I'm not sure that there's a difference. The hat's the same.


I'm not sure that there's a difference. The hat's the same.


Love the black one. Cowboy and/or Goth!


Making baffle boards


whats the planned speaker?? a low watt alnico like a weber signature might brighten things up a bit



I'll probably start here, for authentic reference, then run the parade of usual suspects thru the amp til it sounds right.


Just about done with #1.


The control panel. Vince came up with the "High Noon" theme as well as designed my logo.


A tiny little brightness cap across the volume pot can do miracles.


great lookin builds inside & out..bravo



Didn't know Weber made 6x9s! Cool


Weber dc'd their 6x9 speakers a while ago. I've had these stashed away waiting...


Slightly different cabinet for the last one.


Were you get those western belt?


I took apart a guitar strap and used the tooled part.


That is gorgeous, they both are, I'm just partial to the white one


I took apart a guitar strap and used the tooled part.

– Powdog

Thanks! Good idea, but not realy cheap I do a Cowboy cab too, the client will bring the leather for this one.


Two straps boosts the cost of the cab $75. I was considering setting up and making my own tooled leather straps but I've already moved on from the roundup cabs. Gonna start making v-front Dominator cabinets.

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