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Cave Valley Amps Kharma 18 Demo


Earlier this week I had the fun experience of going to Mel Waldorf's house, and in the course of it, we played with his Cave Valley amp that he had done some cool mods to. And in the course of that, it occurred to me that I was woefully behind in doing a demo video of the CVA Kharma 18 that I had obtained from Ethan at this year's NorCal Roundup. Really woefully behind. So today I turned it on and plugged into it, playing around to find the features I liked and investigate its tonal capabilities, and then got a call from a friend, and when I mentioned I was playing with an amp, he wanted to know more about it, and was intrigued by my description, so I thought, "What better time to make a video?" So here is the second in my irregularly-published series of Frank's House of Fun Guitar Stuff videos, showing off this amp. Thanks to Mel and Tom McGrath for giving me the motivation to get this done, and of course, Ethan for building this cool amp.


Cool amp for sure. Nice guitar and great playing. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it very much.


Tasty sounds there, Frank, and nice presentation. I enjoyed it.


Great playing as always Frank. Thanks for the vid!

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