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Carvin V16 amp


Hey folks, has anybody had any experience with a Carvin V16 amp? They look nice but how do they sound? You can't tell much by watching YouTube demos because 90% of the videos are rockers or distortion fiends and you can't really make an informed decision in my opinion unless you test it "clean". Seems there's notta-lotta "clean" pickers out there!! I'm thinkin' fingerstyle, Chet Atkins, thumbin' stuff. Anybody, anybody, Bueller, Bueller.......?! Thanks folks, Steve


I have a Carvin Bel Air amp. It's their vintage voiced 2 x 12 50 watt combo amp. I believe the V16 has similar circuitry. I love the tones I get from my amp. The clean channel is super clean, very present but with a pleasing warmth. I think the inherent tone falls somewhere between a Vox and a Fender. It has a smoother high mid frequency than a Vox without the Fender scoop if that makes any sense.

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