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Carvin is toast?


I've owned and loved their PA equipment over many-o-years. What a shame. Time marches on . . .


They should have sold their guitar business and kept making amps and PAs which are top notch. It's hard for me to believe that they couldn't sell enough of their best products. My only guitar amp is a 2 X 12 Bel Air and if all goes well I'll ride it into the sunset.

They did make one bass one time that caught my attention. I played one in the Hollywood store and I really liked it. It was their take on a Jazz bass though.


Their new line doesn't seem to carry any guitar amps, just some light duty PA gear. There's a $500 OD pedal as well as cables and such.


No power amps (yet),but we can always hope.They are bringing back the PM-5,which I think is a good idea

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