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Calling member GGJaguar?… Greg … Ampeg Book questions..


Couldn't figure how to search your profile to send a note...I think we see you regularly/from time to time.

Last thread/chat I mentioned your great website, but now I have the Ampeg book. Should have picked up a copy @ Gruhn's about a decade+ ago when I first saw it...

Great Book!

How many were produced, seems I was able to still get a first printing?

How come I never see those wonderful Basses for sale anywhere ever?



There's that Ampeg guy Greg Hopkins, who hangs on over the Facebook vintage Ampeg amp page, where I also chime in. That was a first rate book he did.

Back in the 90s when the vintage scene kicked in in a big way and lots of books came out that weren't all that great. I think there was one on Fender basses by some German dude and I noted a more than a few things in it that were just plain ... wrong.


Did you try to PM him? Go here and click send a message.


That's next!

Somehow with some of the "old" but "new" changes for me, I lost sight of how to find his correct screenname...I bumped into that an hour ago...


Sorry I missed this (I was on vacation). Is your question "how many 1st printing books were produced?" I think it was between 3 - 4 thousand. Not sure about the 2nd printing.



I'll look again, but there seems a good chance this was still a 1st Edition. No indication of a later publish date, no updated info or other things to highlight a later printing like most books...

Are the two identical?

I grew up with Ampeg, East Coaster...

I would love to see some of those older Ampeg Basses. The Dan Armstrong clear acrylic guitars were pretty common...


The only difference between the printings (that I recall) is that the second printing does not have the fold-in flap on the rear cover with the photos of me, Gregg and Bill with out biographies.


My copy has the 3 of you with Bio on the inside of the back glossy cover...last page.


Maybe the world of publishing has changed a bit...Hal Leonard will print to Order!

I have a number of 1st Editions...Martin, Van Hoose, Tsumura, Wheeler, Tube Amp book, etc...plus a few others that are fun just not meant to be so Official!

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