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Building a A0-44 based Peewee


Getting going on building this Steve Luckey mod of an A0-44 reverb amp. I've made some deluxes and a vibrolux using hammond chassis and transformers. I might make this one as a mini, band volume distortion machine to do some amp switching with...or at least that's the rationale. This little unit has been kicking around for a while, probably would make good donor parts for a tweed deluxe and or princeton too. I like the cute little shielded PT. Already gutted the relevant bits. http://sluckeyamps.com/PeeW...


I'm hoping to mount it in this little 10" speaker cab I made out of some old organ and a reel to reel case.


I love using the AO-44 for a guitar build. Voltages are pretty low for a 5E3 or 5F2a, but can still make a little screamer. I've built a number of preamps into these. Just remove everything before V1a and use it for the tone stack recovery. This amp has a 5F10 Harvard 6AV6 preamp, which can be swapped for a 6AT6 for lower gain. As long as everything checks out, I leave everything after V1a as is, including the conjunctive filter on the output sections of the ECL86's. V1a also has NFB and an unbypassed cathode resistor, which lends itself to other boost mods.


Here's the layout I use running a 12AX7 preamp in parallel. Basically a Marshall Popular without the tremolo.


Cool! Can you PM me that schematic. I can't seem to make it larger and I can't read some of the values. I like the simplicity.


I use AO-35 often.

Usually I build a Matchless Spitfire or Marshall 18 watt style amp.

Mod to taste.


yay they're cool

I've built 3 deluxes (2 deluxe reverbs and one 2 channel deluxe) using AO-43s


The AO-44 is half the size of an AO-35 and still allows you to build a 10+ watt PP amp that can get very loud.

This micro head is about the side of a Nerf football.


Cool Nice amp and cabinet! I'm hoping to end up with a distortion pedal/box that's roughly 14" a side and about 7" deep (My accordian speaker cab) Good for recording sessions and amp switching.


Hey do you think it would be possible to shoehorn a tiny tremelo circuit (probably bias vary) into an AO-44


Hey Powdog instead of using the 12AX7 in paralell, what would happen if I just used half of it and the other half fro a small bias vary tremelo circuit?


Something like this would work fine. Might need a few tweaks.

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