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Brownsville New York 35GR


Guy around the corner from me put a bunch of stuff by the curb with a "Free" sign. I grabbed this and it works. Does anyone know anything about these amps?


How's it sound Grump? Does it have tubes? 8" speaker is what? Whatchoo think, Willis? It'd be mighty dern fine if it was tube drive, 15W and full of salty, chocolate Balls-i-ness!


35 watt, solid state with a no name 8" speaker. I wish it were tube. Sounds pretty good. Hey, it was free.


Brownsville is/was a house brand of Sam Ash. i used to have a Brownsville acoustic guitar. it was decent for an inexpensive guitar, but that's aobut it.


Just found this snippet of info: Sorry for the overkill. Brownsville 35GR Summary Manufacturer URL http://www.samsontech.com/ Features 8.0 (3 responses) Sound Quality 9.0 (2 responses) Reliability 8.3 (3 responses) Customer Support 7.5 (2 responses) Overall Rating 8.3 (3 responses) * In an effort to build our HC 2.0 community all written reviews will be entered on HC 2.0 Beta

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Page: 1 (Show 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 reviews per page) Showing 1 - 3 of 3 reviews Product: Brownsville 35GR Price Paid: US $139.99 Submitted 02/20/2001 at 10:54am by Timothy Blackweasel Email: Tbw13018yahoo dot com


Guess if you're wife trips and drops it you will be A-OK.


Funny thing, I wasn't crazy about the sound while playing my Gretsch through it but my Hagstrom sounds great through this amp. I have a little Fender Frontman Reverb and my Hagstrom sounds like crap with it but my Gretsch sounds great with it. Strange.


I hope you didn't hafta walk on somebody's lawn to grab that!!


Hope your wife don't make you leave it out in the boat!

Speaking of free amps... we were, right?

I am one of the very lucky recipients of a brand new Gretsch G5222 from one of Proteus' contests during the Abby Road coverage! I am so stoked!


Congrats Hermitt! I really wanted one of those. I'll get one someday.

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