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Blues Jr - New Speaker Options



I am getting a new speaker for my Blues Jr... why to people here use? Any recommendations? Or maybe a link to a thread if it's already been discussed?

I'm mostly playing rockabilly / country / blues sometimes overdriven but I also like a little headroom ( as much as you can get with a blues jr )

Thanks in advance!


Which Blues Jr and why are you changing the speaker. I have the IV version and I’m just curious, I don’t have an opinion on the subject


Have you heard of the BillM mods for Blues Junior? He had a bit of a cult following.


I’ve had a BJ4 all stock and friend has also he changed to a Canabis Rex speaker didn’t really notice any change however different valve kit did “ Celestine a good route speaker wise and choosing best one . Valve wise JJs were used .


I know that the new Jensen speakers take a lot of flack, but I recently installed a P12Q alnico in my '57 Tweed Deluxe and am well satisfied with the match. BTW the Deluxe did come with what seems to be a re-labeled Eminence Eric Johnson alnico - a fine speaker in its own right. But I was looking for something a touch less efficient yet still classic sounding. The Jensen was used and so it was already broken in, an important aspect of new speaker acceptance. Anyway, as I said, I'm loving the sound of the P12Q.


I tried a Cannabis Rex. Turns out it’s frequently-recommended for a reason. It sounded great, a little less harsh.

I ended up selling the Blues Jr., but I still have that speaker laying around, debating whether it’s worth the trouble swapping it with one of the stock speakers in my TRRI.


I like the C12N. Mine came with a P12R and it sounded like a more like a kazoo than a speaker.


My favorite is a vintage C12N with a new recone.


Just my 2 cents but I have owned and played too many amps to remember them all. As for speaker swaps, I have made my share over 56 years of serious playing. As mentioned previously, being patient to wait for any new speaker to "break in" is vital before passing judgement.

I personally would give every new speaker 300-400 hours of break in before making a decision. I would hook up a sound source to the new speaker either thru the amp or direct to the speaker itself and let that source play 24 hours every day for a minimum of say 14- 16 days at a normal considerate listening volume. Now I had the luxury of having a good amount of amps at my disposal so I didn't miss the speaker or amp being broke in till it was done.

I have always leaned toward Eminence, Celestion or Jensen in my tube amps depending on which brand and output each amp had and what I was looking for tonally. All of the really good makers of guitar speakers make so many models in so many Ohm ratings that your quest is a challenging one to be sure

Since a speaker change is the most effective tonal change on an amp I found that patience pays off.

Trying out new speakers can get real pricey so I understand why your looking for good suggestions.

As for tubes they are a little less effective but can make some difference. JJ's are solid performers for sure. I myself have always tried to use NOS Genalex Gold Lion or NOS Telefunken, Mullard or Amperx Bugle Boy ones in my amps. Tubes can be and keep getting more expensive so JJ's are a good choice dollar wise. Can't go wrong with them.

Amps not unlike speakers or even guitars are subjective when it comes to tone so giving suggestions on a particular model or brand of speakers or manufactures is tricky.

Read as many reviews as you can on any speaker that has been used in a Blues JR.lV but always take reviews with a grain of salt.

My favorite amp of all my amps is my Brown Face Tweed Deluxe Reverb with a Eminence Cannabis Rex in it.

I hope this helps a little


Don't overlook an Altec D-120 or an EVM 12.


Thanks so much for the recommendations and ideas. Sounds like the Cannabis Rex and C12N are getting a lot of love. I’m not sure which version my Jr is but I got it new back around 2008 if that helps, and I have kept the speaker stock ever since. I just heard a lot of good things about replacing the speaker, so it seems anything I change to will be an improvement. It’s so hard to tell without actually being in the room with the amp but the videos and reviews do help. I was hoping for a little more volume and headroom if possible. I will keep researching and report back. Here is a picture of the innards of the amp. My amp wizard friend Dave has also added a valve reverb. Cosmetically we have the cream chicken head knobs, green light, and I think I’m going for cream tolex with wheat grill cloth.


Does anyone have experience with alnico vs ceramic speakers ? Would the Alnico P12q speaker work in a blues Jr ?


Does anyone have experience with alnico vs ceramic speakers ? Would the Alnico P12q speaker work in a blues Jr ?

– El Nico

Alnicos tend to have lively, "up front" transient response which seem to compliment tube type amps beautifully. They are particularly well suited to classic jazz and blues tonalities. Ceramics can be smoother, more forgiving in the highs, and generally more efficient. Great rock and pop speakers. Of course this all depends on the particular brand/model you are using. Personally, I've preferred and use Alnicos ever since I discovered their particular voicing qualities some years ago. As for the P12Q in a Blues Jr., my brother has this exact combination and swears by it. I've heard his amp working on many occasions and cannot fault its sound...


This is why I love the GDP, I posted on here and my old pal Shuie who I haven’t seen for years gives me a phonecall with some great advice. Was nice to hear from you Shuie !

Thanks General Lee ! I just realised you already mentioned the P12q I’m still learning what all the numbers and letters are

also I made a mistake in my last post. The tolex will be Surf Green not cream! I think I was in chickenhead zone


I found the best solution for me w my jr. and thats the Tonetubby 40/40.


I went ahead and got a cannabis rex as that seemed to be a popular one... I will try her out and see what happens, thanks a lot again for all the advice, I'll probably post on here with the finished thing : )


I’ve recently sort of inherited a Blues Junior and I’m thinking about the speaker too, leaning towards the Jensen C12N as I used to have a pair of them in my old Bandmaster’s cab and loved them.


I like the C12N. Mine came with a P12R and it sounded like a more like a kazoo than a speaker.

– JBGretschGuy

You put a C12N in the 40w Bruise Jr.


You put a C12N in the 40w Bruise Jr.

– NJBob

Yes, I've been through Tone Tubbys and Eminences and various other things, but I keep reinstalling the C12N in mine for some reason.


I tend to favor alnico pickups and ceramic speakers.

I find alnico speakers to be muddy when playing clean. They sound thick and honking when overdriven...and I know people like that in a small amp....but I find that it's easier to get a thick swampy sound out of an amp with a ceramic speaker using the amp's controls.... than it is to get a clear clean sound out of an amp with an alnico speaker.

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