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Blonde Bassman Head and Cab


Dont agree w you at all mate, unless you are deliberately trying to make it loud(which is does wonderfully but still not like a blackface beast).. Its how you use it and its set up. Big Iron doesnt necessarily mean a whole lot, the Gibson EH-185 is a 15watt amp w a small 1x12 cab but its Pt is MASSIVE compared to a bassman tranny, and it too has 2 6L6 power tubes.

I'm not talking out of my butt, as I've dragged a blonde bassman around for 20yrs. to small, medium and larger stages. Never had a problem save for the random sound guy who immediately passed judgement on the amp size, until I get it set up... but my amp is always no further away from me than 10ft and most often angled to my side, w a shield and set up not too different than how I have my mic monitor set up. So much more directional than the sonic spray of a combo amp bouncing down every direction.

How is there any difference from a stage wedge w a horn & 12" spkr, compared to a bassman 212 cab at an angle w a plexi gobo? Its not man. Especially w a pedal board and if you dont use a few preamps on a board, then there is no discussion here. :)

I do have to confess that for the last 2 months though I've been going to a chiro who's told me to stop carrying the 212 cab around, so I'm using the blondeshell w a closeback 1x12 cab on casters.Same amp though, till I die.


I love the amp itself. The cabinet is the down side. I simply stopped using the combo in 94' when I got a 58' tweed deluxe. I got all the volume and tone i ever needed from the deluxe.

The bassman combo stayed with me for many years. Used the head in many ways-- it as an actual bass amp and it was really nice. I then used it with a jenson alnico 15" speaker (in a much lighter cabinet) that was my pedal steel players rig. THAT was awesome. I used the15" a few times as a guitar combo as well. Was just as nice as the deluxe with a little more head room.

Love the tone of the 6G6B 63' but the practicality was lost on me combined with that behemoth of a cabinet.

Sold it all to a fellow GDPer a few years ago.

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