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Black Friday Epiphone Pacemaker amp


A co-worker asked if I had an old amp she could give her brother who is in recovery. Dug thru the pile and found this 1964 Epi Pacemaker. Same as a Gibby GA5 Skylark.

These are total sleepers. A pair of 6AQ5 output tubes in push-pull make about 10 watts. The dreadful Sprague tone device has been removed. No tone controls, just a Volume knob.

It’s ugly as hell, but the sound.........ooooooh! A real wolf.


Very retro and very cool of you.


That's awesome. My first vintage anything was a Gibson GA-8T. That whole series of amps (both Gibson and Epi) are real bargains in the vintage amp world.


There are some real deals in old Gibson and Epi amps. Why I am eaten up with the 6AQ5 Musicmaster bass amps (everyone goes for the later 6V6 version) is that the 9-10 watts is the sweet spot right between a Champ and a Princeton.


The 6AQ5 gets a bum rap at being unreliable and prone to failure, but at 250 volts the ratings are almost identical to a 6V6. Just don’t run the plates over 300 volts.

The old Crestline Epi/Gibson amps that used them sound killer. If you’re wary, you can always run the 6005 which is a ruggedized “special quality” version of the 6AQ5. And they’re still dirt cheap.

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