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BirdMan finds his amp


Got a Quilter Aviator 8" speaker version almost new in box for under $500, cover and everything. Great clean sound for what I do. I guess in can be distorted but that will never happen as long as I own it

Take back all the bad things I have said about 8s. With the right signal going in... still I wish they had stuffed a 10 in it.

Gonna put those till back legs on it.


Say it ain't so! The end of the quest?

That'll make for a regular aura of downright grace...

for as long as it lasts.

(Power whatever external cab you like. 10s, 12s, 15s. Big and clean and fat.)


We all know better than to believe this latest divine providence matched to a reflective self-study...


The end of DC Birdman's amp quest?

Que the music...


I'm glad you like your new amp Birdman, in a few weeks time you may have a 12" speaker stuffed in there!

I'm teasing, of course, enjoy!

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