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Bi-Amping (sort of)


If we're Facebook friends or you're on the other Gretsch forum, you may have already seen this, it's a duplication of that post, but aimed at people whose opinions I value more than my average Facebook friend, i.e., you folks.

A long, long time ago, back when I used to use tube amps, I had a Rivera Sedona acoustic amp and I used it with a Rivera Los Lobottom subwoofer in the effects loop to give it a really glorious low-end tone that was ideal for acoustic guitar or other full-range needs like guitar synths, modelers, and the other goofy stuff I'm into. But with the combined weight of those two, it wasn't much fun to cart them around. I've been using another subwoofer with my Quilters lately, a cheap 12" unit that helps but is nothing like the Rivera was. But I thought the other day (it happens occasionally) "What if I plugged one of my Aguilar SL112 bass cabs into my MicroPro, what would that sound like? Sounds like heaven, that's what it sounds like. I'll bet a Bassliner would sound great that way, too.

But (dangerously) I continued thinking, and thought "What if I plug the bass cab into the Micro Block and run them (sorta) stereo?" Then I could dial in gain and EQ a little more, and switch it off if need be. Well I don't think I'll switch it off much because it sounds really, really good. Well, at least, it does in my music room. How will it sound at.a gig? We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried mixing guitar and bass cabs for full-range amplification. I could just use a powered PA speaker, but I already had these. On a sound-per-pound basis, I think this config here is pretty tough to beat. So far.

Update: At rehearsal Wednesday night, even the drummer remarked on how great (and not just loud) it sounded. And the bass player commented on how full and well-rounded the tone was. I switched to the Tone Block (finally got it back after leaving it in the van I rented to haul gear out to the SoCal Gretsch Jam) and cut some pieces of wood and a whole lot of Dual-Lock to perch it atop the MicroPro, so these pictures are obsolete, but I haven't shot new ones yet.


It ain't stupid if it works.

I used to do this for keyboards all of the time.


I always run 2 amps. I do it because my RE-150 has a dry and wet out I use to use a super reverb and a PA cab and head I used the PA cab and head because it was half of our practice Pa and thus handy. Most of my dry sound came from the super and the echow was sent to a channel on the PA, then I ran a line from the line out on my super into another channel of the PA. The crispness of the PA speaker with it's tweeter was a nice compliment to the super with it big warm bottom end.

I've since built a some tube amps (mostly fender designs) and lately I've been using a vibrolux for my dry sound and a two channel deluxe i built for my echo and stereo dry sound. The deluxe has a JBl D123 in it so it's pretty hifi and clear.

Two different sources of amplification always gives a bigger sound, as they compliment each other, especially if you spread them out a few feet apart.

Great sound!


Gotta love technology, I had to laugh when I saw the power supply was bigger than the amp(pedal) it supplies. I have both the micro and a micro pro, might give it a try.

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