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Best glue for Tolex on old wood?


Specifically, Ampeg diamond blue. Got a little tag torn off the back of an undisclosed amp.


Specifically, Ampeg diamond blue. Got a little tag torn off the back of an undisclosed amp.

– Proteus

Dan Erlewine will guide you through the process of specifically gluing Ampeg diamond blue tolex:


Materials and tools used are to the right of the video; looks like Titebond hide glue.

I remembered the companion article from a relatively recent issue of Vintage Guitar magazine.


Tite Bond's good stuff. I'd consider contact cement as well.


Well that's admirably specific, MS! Thanks for remembering and linking that.

Tuff Stuff, huh? I'll give that a go. My Ampegs look remarkably clean - but they don't look new, regardless how or with what I scrub.

I have my torn piece (and it's from the back anyway) - and I don't have any spare tolex. So I'll take his advice on clean-up, but not cut a patch. The old one will fit the spot perfectly.

Hide glue. I've never used it. I don't even know where to get it. Guess I should make friends with the internet.


Originally, hide glue was melted in a pot and applied hot. Great bite and hold, historically correct, inconvenient and stinky.

Titebond makes hide glue in a bottle, ready to go. Find it at Amazon, Rocker, even some Walmarts. Never used it, but it has a long open time. May end up needing clamps.

I’ve Tolexed hundreds of cabs, new and old repairs. I’ve used everything and settled on Weldwood contact cement in the red can. Gotta go a little proud as it’s solvent based and causes the Tolex to stretch and later shrink a little.

For small spots, brushed on Superglue works great. I use a big rubber roller ( Home Depot) to really press it down evenly.


Loctite GO2, combines Polyurethane and Polyoxysilane. Clear, no odor, fast clean up, sets up quickly, I really can’t say enough about this stuff. I’ve been using it for just about everything around the house, but specially for old Tolex on Amps and Guitar cases. It’s cheaper to buy online rather than the hardware store and comes in a lot of varieties for different jobs.


I've had horrendous results with Titebond II, so don't use that.

To be fair, that was a complete retolex. Small spots might be more forgiving.


For small spots, brushed on Superglue works great.

How big can small be? We're talking a wedge shape, 2" at the longest, tapering from nothing to 3/4" wide.

comes in a lot of varieties for different jobs.

What would be the variety for this job?

The amp was literally perfect before a loose edge of Tolex caught something in a move and ripped off. It's on the back, on the top panel. Wouldn't be a BIG deal if I used a dark blue magic marker and painted the area. But I'd like to get this tiny piece on as invisibly as possible. I want the amp to feel perfect again.


I use this to repair small tears. Comes in a small bottle. Don’t use the cotton ball applicator it comes with. An art brush or even a disposable acid brush works great. Both surfaces, wait til it gets glossy and barely tacky. Line it up and add pressure. Lots. Thumbs work great.

Or bring it to the Gold Rush Roundup and I’ll fix it for you.


Can’t make it to der Roundup, but I could send you just the panel!

That would be silly for such an inconsequential repair, but the quest for perfection often looks daft. We just wouldn’t tell anyone.


Hide glue is primarily meant for wood to wood use. Contact cement is what's used for Formica to wood, among other things. I think the plasticized cloth of Tolex would respond better to the DAP Weldwood. Haven't tried super glue on Tolex, but it ought to work well.


The bottle of Loctite GO2 I shared would be the "variety" I would use. I was saying that they also sell other variations of the "Loctite brand" for specific uses.


I use shoe goo it's amazing.


Tightbond and use masking tape to hold it down overnight to let it dry. Works great.


I always use blue "Painters Tape" (again, much cheaper on eBay) pulls off much easier Twenty four hours and you're good to go

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