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Best Bedroom Amp?


Agreed about the real deal, but kits can be had for under $500, sometimes even pre-built. And they're so simple I think every guitarist with even the slightest aptitude for handiness should at least build a tweed Champ once.

– Afire

Fair enough! I made my comment based on the picture shown in your post. I didn't know you were referring to a kit...

Just finished a tweed deluxe clone myself and was very happy with the results, but that was about $1,000 after the speaker purchase. A champ would be a fun project.


Seriously. Tube amps are WAY overrated for this kind of situation.

You spend a LOT more money for a one-trick pony amp that's some glorified Champ.

Why do you buy a tube amp? They do overdrive in a bit more natural way....But even a 5 watt tube amp is going to blow your ears away if you are looking for clipping in your bedroom....unless your amp has an attenuator or a master volume which adds to the cost.

Ok so maybe you always play clean? Is a tube amp going to sound that much better than a solid state amp played clean in your bedroom? With that hum and hiss? And a solid state amp is going to have lots of cool onboard effects. Remember this is a PRACTICE amp in your bedroom.


strong argument. My concern isn't really tube v solid state, it's more simplicity v gadgets. My guitar collection is made up of original and custom one-pickup tennesseans. I'm not good with a lot of switches and knobs. I took a serious look at the Yamaha series and by all accounts they sound great, and work awesome. but i know I'd end up dialing in one sound and never touching it again.

Plus I only play filtertrons, so my tube amps never hum! (plus you really can't beat free gretsch).


Marshall stack!

The heck with the neighbors.


Nothing simpler than a battery powered THR10. Use it in my office and by the pool. Nice tones, nice form factor.


One with dreamy eyes.


Tubers are the shiesen fo sho.

I however being in a studio apt. Usually use my zoom g1xon or pod xt live or digitech gnx4 or the awesome boss gp10 with cans.

The thing is as we all know pushing air is the kitties pj's. Headphones are ok but sometimes you need to rumble. In a cant make noise situation though. Tiny rumbles must suffice.

I just purchased and love yes i said love a new........ Vox Adio Air Gt.

Choices and tones and the ability to avoid homelessness through eviction level volumes while still getting the tones. Yep its in there and recordable too.

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