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Best Bedroom Amp?


So my place is small. Painfully small.

I own a silverface princeton (and love it, sounds like a million bucks).

but even it is too powerful for my apartment.

I'm thinkin' silverface champ with a slap delay.

whatta ya'll think?


I think the Yamaha THRs make killer bedroom and recording amps.


I think the Yamaha THRs make killer bedroom and recording amps.

– Baxter



I keep hearing so many positive comments about the THR.


Tried both THR5 n THR10, both are equally good, tubey and easy to dial good sounds. The 10 has more banks, but I prefer the 5 for being simple and much compact.

Have you tried the VoxAC4C1-12? I have one, top boost controls, 12inch speakers and 4watts. 2xAX7 and 1 EL84. Light to carry too.

But if space is really an issue, I’ll vote for THR10C.


I'd try and find a vintage 5w - like a Valco or Airline something. The Gretsch branded ones are nice but a little pricey.

They've got mojo, sound great, record well and you'll even like looking at it.

I picked up my 6150T years ago and I use it all the time. It's even stood in for a few band rehearsals when we were in a smaller space.


What aren't ya getting outta your current amp that a smaller one will provide?? If your just gassing for a new amp..good on ya and go get one. However .... My bedroom amp is a 63 Baseman.. 35sh Watts due to tube selection. I use the volume knob, preamp peddle, delay and dirt peddle to enhance at low volume. 2x12s push a wide sound and good bass for top string thump muting. Smaller amps will not give you the same vibe and..... i have the ability to rattle the walls if I feel its a good hour of the day... Also learning to pick lightly on a robust amp setting is a gas. I say get a Barnyard from Tavo.. Or you did delay..id go with the Mystery Brain...pre am and delay in one! And a Ubangi for a touch of dirt..I went with a Ubangi, mystery and nail head. These give me the ability to get a bitchen sound at any volume desired with good dynamic attack. My rig is blessed Nocturnally Not kidding.. That or an amp with headphone jack out... Kidding about headphone idea..


yerp. i tend to always be on the lookout for the simplest piece of gear. Most new stuff comes with 10 presets and a bunch of options...i tend to try and get one sound for whatever im working with, so getting an old 5w might be smart.


Champ-mystery brain-upgraded speaker. Would be my choice


I think the Yamaha THRs make killer bedroom and recording amps.

– Baxter

I second the Yamaha. I own one. Great little amp for what it does.


I’m building one right now. Rustic hickory cab, gonna house a 5D2 Princeton circuit and a Weber alnico 6x9 speaker.

(Beer can for scale purposes).


I have also been searching for a decent home-use low volume amp. I ended up with the Yamaha THR10 and it works great for me. Nice very useable sounds at low volume so I can play at home without disturbing anyone. Although it is able to get pretty loud (for home use) if you want. If it's placed at ear height you really don't have to turn the volume up very high.

I also have a Silverface Champ which I use every now and then at home. It sounds great but is easily turned up to loud for home use.


I recommend the Vintage 47 5 watters.


How low is low? Maybe need to go solid state. Quilter is terrific. I have a Tone Block 200.


I've got a G5222 that's yours for the taking (retirement downsizing). I'm in Nolibs.


As long as you have a cool tube amp already, it's not criminal to buy a ZT Lunchbox JR. I love mine! It loves pedals and has a nice, spanky clean sound. It evens records great! It's so tiny, but has a good bottom end and can even get loud enough to play with a drummer.


I think the Yamaha THRs make killer bedroom and recording amps.

– Baxter

I also have a Yamaha THR5, sits on my desk next to my computer and does everything I need, (and more) from a small practice amp.

The Delay/Reverb knob makes for some good tones.


In what could arguably the fastest resolution of GAS ever, I stopped by Duster's place a few miles from my house and strapped this to the back of my hog!

Got to play his killer Green 64 (? maybe 65) re-issue tennessean....woah!

and his dogs are super fun!


Buddy—It was great meeting you. Enjoy the heck out of the amp!


Gretsch Pages, never lets you down!


practice nook complete with coffee machine and skulls.

– Dr. Buddy Mercury

Right next to the Coffee machine, a Perfect Match.

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