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Best Amp Under $300?


Not really well versed in gear so reaching out for advice. Something relatively small for my apartment. Just ordered a new semi-hollow and like to get really clean jazz and blues tones, and also the ability to use some effects. What do you suggest I look into?


For exclusive home use the Yamaha THR 5/ THR 10 or Vox Adio are hard to beat in that price range. Small, super versatile and good sounding. Not for playing with others or even gigging, though.

If you need that a Fender Super Champ XD seems to fit your needs and should be easily available used in your budget.


Vox mini Beatle should fit the bill nicely. It's small, but at 50 watts, also good for gigging in small spaces.


Vox mini Beatle should fit the bill nicely. It's small, but at 50 watts, also good for gigging in small spaces.


Vox Valvetronix. Extremely versatile. Because of its weird electronics, you can set it to be any one of 10 different amps and with at least 10 different effects (reverb, tremelo, etc.)


If you can find an Ampeg Jet J12R from the 1990s, that is hands down the best amp I ever had that could be found for less than $300. According to Reverb, the estimated price range is $295-$475, so maybe not easy to find at that price, but IIRC, it wasn't much more than $300 new, so you shouldn't have to pay more than that.


Watch the used sites like a hawk and you’ll be amazed. I paid under $300 for my 1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb in good shape. I paid a little over $300 for a reissue Princeton Reverb.


Lots of jazz guys have discovered that the Fender Blues Jr. is a versatile little amp with decent EQ and nice reverb. The master volume control gives a lot of control over breakup, so it’s easy to dial in clean sounds. Lots of these amps are out there and can sometimes be found pretty cheap.


Out of all of those listed, I'd go for the Ampeg J12R Jet, or the Blues Jr IV. At 15 watts, these would be as loud as I'd want for an apartment. Even 5 watts might be too much.


It's hard to beat this amp for a load of solid Boss effects, light weight, killer cleans and a good tone at a low volume. 3 different power settings and if I recall correctly it was 50 watts, 25,watts and .5 watts

Here is one on E-Bay for $200


Dave's guitar shop has one for 150.00


I had one and it was quite good for that kind of money

Google the reviews on it, you can play with a moderate drummer in any bar, small setting with it or mic it for bigger rooms. If I remember correct it also had a headphones out.


Roland street cube a nice portable amp too


is the Vox Pathfinder still under $300? that's the best small amp solution i've seen in a long time.


The used VOX AC10's are real close to your budget, I've seen them on CL for $300 recently. Here is a thread from a few years ago on the subject,,,



Something old & used that sounds good and doesn't cost too much.


Sometimes you can grab a Blues Junior for $300 or so. I've played HUNDREDS of gig on one.

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