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in your opinion, what is the best sounding amp to play a Gretsch through and why? (specifically a White Falcon with DynaSonic pickups)



One of the great things about this forum is the variety in desired tones. There's a slew of people that love champs, pro jr's, blues jr's, Orange's, etc. etc. Now, me personally, I'd go with a Blues Jr. I love this amp very much and every time I play it I am just astounded by the awesome sounds that come from any Gretsch.
In all honesty, I played a DSW through it, not a falcon with dyna's BUT I DID play a falcon with filters, so somewhere between these two guitars I'm sure it would sound great. They're on the cheap side too!

Now I'm more than sure you're going to have tons and TONS of suggestions, so I'll let you get to them!


I play my 6120 with Dynas, through a Marshall Dual Super Lead (DSL) 100w with a 2 x12" cabinet and a THD hotplate attenuator -the best big fat clean sound I've heard on a Dyna Gretsch. Those particular Marshalls have two clean tones -one straight clean and a slightly dirtier clean, so I am in tone heaven!


I'd love to hear a sample...Git er Done


It all depends on taste and needs but I would love to try my Power Jet through a Marshall Blues Breaker combo.


Over the years I've gone through a truck load of amps trying to find "that sound", and I think I've finally found it. My Gretsch 6120 straight into a'59 Bassman. Depending on the situation I might run one of the Gibsons through a Vox AC30, maybe with a few effects, but to put me in tone heaven give me the 6120 straight into the Bassman. That makes me a happy guy.


I agree that the '59 Bassman is a good match for a Gretsch, particularly one with Dynas or HiLo's. It loves single-coils. Blisspop, it'd be a good choice to add some low-end beef to your Dyna-equipped Falcon.

PapaDave, I'm assuming you're talking about the reissue. Do you have the LTD or the original reissue? I've had one of the reissues since '90 or '91 and it's served me very well.


I have only played orange at home; Rocker 30Combo and now a Tiny Terror with greenback closed cab; it is great with all the G's, and will be greater when the Vintage 30 cab arrives; total tonality.

Tried the Blues Jr, Peavey Classic 30, Delta 30, Pro Jr at the store witha 512X and was unimpressed

Edit; and 10 mins later I come back, and have to admit that my hearing is conservative in the sense that I get used to a sound or timbre and maybe this has something to do with it. As these are mostly well regarded.


Blisspop-I have always had excellent sonic luck with my DeArmond-equipped guitars (Country Clubs & Duo Jet) through a blackface Bassman, usually running a 2x12 cabinet. DeArmonds also sound great through old Ampeg amps, especially a Reverberocket. Honorable mention to my 50s Carvin amps (a '59 812A, and a '57 666 model)-which sound amazing with DeArmonds and Filtertrons, and my THD BiValve head (running 6L6 power tubes). I never had good luck with the reissue Bassmans. I owned one & used it on one gig with a 50s DeArmond-equipped Country Club & it did not deliver the goods, so I sold it. IMO, reissue Bassmans do not marry well with Filter-trons either, and tend to produce a nasal tone (Lou Reed's tone on the first Velvet Underground recording comes to mind) that I do not find pleasant. My 6120 & 6119 through a THD BiValve with a good set of 6V6s produces the Neil Young "Ohio" tone that I always think of when I think of great Gretsch tone. That's my 2 cents.


Hobie said: Edit; and 10 mins later I come back, and have to admit that my hearing is conservative in the sense that I get used to a sound or timbre and maybe this has something to do with it. As these are mostly well regarded.

While I don't have anything as awesome as your TT I did notice that my Crush 15R is considerably more dark than the Blues Jr so maybe that's the change that threw you off?


Either Fender Bassman, sounds gorgeous with any hollow, especially for the jazzy stuff. And you cant go wrong with a Fender Twin. Seem as Fender has taken control of Gretsch, perhaps they could bundle either of these amps with the guitars, itd make for a nice 'beginners bundle'


Mr. ETrain, my Bassman is the LTD, got it in '05 and love it. Like jfume said, it can sound a bit nasal but noodling around with it some can work that right out.


I play a White Falcon with filtertrons thru a Fender Blues Jr., and I like the sound just fine.

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