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Been 50 years!


Well 1967 was the year of The Monkees, and also the peak year for Thomas Vox, when the lucky kids had say a Guild Starfire or Gretsch Tennessean and a Vox Super Berkeley or Buckingham, and the less lucky kids got an Esquire and Princeton. Such was the reality of the times. The Monkees had a badass Super Beatles on TV... what could be cooler? Well, I guess you had to be there...

So as 2017 passes, we'll observe some Thomas Vox highlights and trivia. GC used has a pile pretty clean looking Thomas Vox amps for not too much money. And of course, Guitar Center sort of evolved out of the Thomas scene. I keep hearing GC is going to bite the dust anytime now, but hasn't happened yet In fact I just bouight a Gibson acoustic online from them. Should arrive next week.


Which Gibson acoustic?

Also, in 1967 my big brother bought a Fender Mustang and a Princeton Reverb. We were less lucky, but I new a kid with a Tennessean and a Vox Berkley Super Rreverb.


Well I feel kinda lucky here looking at the original post. Back in 1967 I bought my Gretsch Tennessean and still have it. Now as a big kid I also have a '67 Monkees and a '68 Guild Starfire 5 plus a Vox (but just a Pathfinder 15). I guess DCBirdMan and I think alike.


Isn't GC just part of a much larger conglomerate? If they go, what's left? Sure won't be Mom and Pop brick and mortar stores. Thankfully, Sweetwater covers a broader range including industrial sound and lighting gear.

I had a Thomas Super Beatle---it went in a trade to help fund my Hammond B-3. 1967---I graduated high school.

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